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  • Careers in Translation and Interpreting (free)

Geoff Koby, John Shaklee. ATA Webinar (September 2011)

  • Being Bilingual Is Not Enough

Frank Johnson. The ATA Chronicle (July 2008)


Getting Started

  • Running Your Translating/Interpreting Business From Home

M. Eta Trabing. The ATA Chronicle (January 2006)

  • Tips for Newcomers to the Translation and Interpreting Professions.

Corinne McKay. The ATA Chronicle (September 2013)

  • The Entrepreneurial Linguist—Lessons from Business School

Judy Jenner. ATA Webinar (September 2010)

  • Getting Started as a Freelance Translator

Corinne McKay. ATA Webinar (November 2010)

  • Advice for a New Translator on Job Hunting

Jill R. Sommer. The Savvy Newcomer blog (September 2013)



  • Résumé Writing for Freelancers

Beth Podrovitz, Jiri Stejskal. The ATA Chronicle (February 2006)

Marian S. Greenfield, Teresa S. Waldes. The ATA Chronicle (November/December 2002)

  • ATA Webinar: Accentuate the Positive: Making Your Resume Sing

Jorge Ungo. ATA Webinar (February 2011)


Building a Business

Terena Bell, Madalena Sánchez. The ATA Chronicle (March 2009)

  • Business Smarts Series

The ATA Chronicle (January 2006-October 2009)

  • The Entrepreneurial Linguist

Judy Jenner. Publisher: …………  (need anchor link to book on pub page)



  • The "Business" of Freelancing

Rob Cruz. The ATA Chronicle (September 2008)

  • How to Work Efficiently with an Agency: Freelancing Tips for Newcomers

Cristina Jaouen. The ATA Chronicle (July 2008)

  • Contracts and the Freelance Translator

The ATA Chronicle. Blog Trekker (September 2009)

  • Translation Services Agreements

  • Interpreting Services Agreements

  • How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator

Corinne McKay. Publisher: Two Rat Press (January 2012)


Direct Clients

  • Getting There Is the Fun of It! 

Janice Becker. The ATA Chronicle (January 2001)

  • ATA Client Outreach Kit

  • Working With Direct Clients

Chris Durban, Corinne McKay. ATA Webinar (September 2012)

  • Translation: Getting It Right

  • Interpreting: Getting It Right

  • Create Your Listing in the ATA Directory of Translators and Interpreters

  • The Entrepreneurial Linguist: The Art of Relationship Building with Direct Clients

Judy Jenner. The ATA Chronicle (July 2009)



  • Putting Face-to-Face Networking to Work for Your Business

Sara Freitas. ATA Webinar (October 2012)

  • 24 Networking Tips That Actually Work

James Clear. The ATA Chronicle (November-December 2011)



Jill R. Sommer. The ATA Chronicle (June 2009)

  • How to Promote Your Services Using LinkedIn

Michael T. Pellet. The ATA Chronicle (September 2010)

  • Use the ATA Logo for Marketing



  • ATA Webinar: Ensuring Payment—Before, During, and After the Project

Ted Wozniak. ATA Webinar (June 2011)

  • And Furthermore ... Still More Things Freelance Translators Can Do to Ensure Payment

Wendy Griswold. The ATA Chronicle (December 2005)

  • Financial Planning for Translators, Interpreters, and Owners

Ted Wozniak. ATA Webinar (November 2012)

  • U.S. CalPro

  • ATA Earnings Calculator: Is This Job Worth It?



  • 10 Good Reasons for Using a Translation Tool

Uwe Muegge. TC World Magazine (January 2010)

  • The Tool Kit Newsletter

Jost Zetzsche. Annual subscription
ATA Member-to-Member Discount

  • Translation Quality Assurance Tools

Tuomas Kostiainen. ATA Nordic Division Blog (February 2013)