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ATA eConference 2015

ATA Translation & Interpreting Services Survey Report

 In 2015, ATA invited translators, interpreters, and T&I company owners around the world to participate in a compensation survey. More than 1,500 of them responded. The survey results are now available to ATA members at no cost.

This industry-wide survey provides a comprehensive picture of the market for T&I services. The results are invaluable in managing your business and planning for the future.

Read the ATA Translation and Interpreting Services Survey Report now.
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Industry News

MLB Requires Every Team to Have Full-Time Spanish Interpreters in 2016
CBS Sports (01/11/16) Brown, David

The Major League Baseball (MLB) Players Union will require all of its 30 teams to have at least two full-time Spanish-language interpreters in 2016. Teams will be given $65,000 to offset costs for the new positions, and the money will come from penalties paid by teams for going over the international signing bonus limit. The new rule is designed to ensure that native Spanish speakers have a chance to express themselves more completely in the media. In the past, Spanish interpreters were makeshift. Many teams relied on teammates, coaches, bullpen catchers, or anyone who was fluent in both languages. Most players, regardless of their country of origin, do their best to speak English, but what they say to the media is often lost in translation. The new rule stipulates that an interpreter must be available before and after games to assist players with their media obligations. The interpreter must report to the club's public relations director or to the general manager and be with the team at all times, from spring training through the end of the season, and be available at any function where players are present. The MLB's new policy won't just help players address the media and public, but could also improve cultural understanding and relationships within a team. "We view this policy as a positive and necessary step in helping improve the work environment for players, clubs, and media," says Greg Bouris, a spokesman for the MLB Players Union.
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Bill to Promote Biliteracy Among New Jersey Students Heads to Governor's Desk
Hoboken Patch (NJ) (01/11/16) Rosner, Frank

Legislation sponsored by New Jersey Assembly Democrats Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr., Carmelo G. Garcia, and Nancy Pinkin to honor New Jersey students who achieve literacy in more than one world language gained final legislative approval from the Assembly this month. The bill (A-4415) would establish the State Seal of Biliteracy to recognize high school graduates who have attained an advanced level of proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing in one or more world languages in addition to English. "Let's face it, we live in a global economy where business is no longer isolated to one country or region," Garcia says. "We should be encouraging our children to achieve literacy in more than one language so they can be better prepared to enter today's world," he adds. Under the bill, the State Board of Education would establish the criteria for awarding the State Seal of Biliteracy. "In almost any other developed nation you visit, today's generation is highly proficient in more than one language," Diegnan says. "We need to make sure our students don't fall behind, so we should be encouraging an advanced mastery of other languages," he says. The criteria for the State Seal of Biliteracy stipulates that in addition to demonstrating proficiency in one or more world languages other than English, students would also be required to demonstrate proficiency in English by meeting state high school graduation requirements. The criteria permits students to demonstrate proficiency in a world language other than English through multiple methods, including nationally or internationally recognized language proficiency tests. A world language may also include American Sign Language and Native American languages. Participation in the program to award the State Seal of Biliteracy would be voluntary. A student who meets the criteria established by the State Board of Education would receive the State Seal of Biliteracy. The appropriate insignia would be affixed to the student's diploma and transcript. The bill now heads to the governor's desk.
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Few Companies Translate Employee Benefits Information
Workforce Magazine (IL) (12/24/15) Gale, Sarah Fister

Millions of non-English-speaking employees and their families in the U.S.--and their employers--are losing money due to a lack of translated material about their benefits packages. In 2013, 21% of U.S. households (about 62 million people) reported speaking a language other than English at home, with Spanish being the most common (62%). That same year, there were roughly 11 million Latino immigrants working in the United States. "As our workforce in this country becomes more diverse, it's just good practice to think about what form information should come in for it to be most effective," says Irfan Hasan, senior program officer of health and people with special needs at the New York Community Trust, which supports an array of nonprofits in the city. That means giving workers the information they need in a language--and platform--that is most easily accessible. While companies may factor language barriers into things like workplace training and on-the-job coaching, the material provided by human resource departments is often overlooked, which can cause employees and businesses to suffer, says Robin Gelburd, president of New York-based Fair Health Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated to bringing transparency to health care costs. "If employees don't understand how to access care in a cost-effective manner, they often choose the most timely and expensive options," she says. She notes that 30% of Latinos still view the emergency room as the first point of care. "That creates long delays that lead to missed work and lost productivity," she says. To help companies better meet the health care needs of their Spanish-speaking employees, Fair Health recently launched a Spanish-language health care cost transparency mobile app (FH CCSalud), which can be downloaded free from iTunes and Google Play. With the app, insured Spanish-speaking consumers can calculate out-of-pocket costs and insurance reimbursement for medical and dental services received in and out of their network. "Human resource departments need to think about how they can engage their Hispanic employees to create a new generation of engaged consumers," Gelburd says. "If you arm your employees with the right information, they can take hold of their health care so that they can find less costly, more proactive ways to manage their health."
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Toronto Waste Calendar Translations Do Not Include French
Toronto Star (Canada) (01/07/16) Stevenson, Verity

The city of Toronto, Canada, failed to translate its 2016 waste collection calendar into French, one of Canada's official languages. The calendar, distributed to every household in Toronto, indicates when, where, and how to dispose of various kinds of waste. Each month's page contains tips and information on waste management, from hazardous and electronic items to bin replacement. Six summaries in different languages appear at the bottom of each page. According to Gilles Marchildon, a member of the city's French Language Advisory Committee, the 2015 calendar featured French, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish. "Omitting the French translation was a mistake," says Nicole Dufort, a spokesman for the city. "It began with the best of intentions to reach a wider audience with our message, but there was confusion about the city's translation policy," he says. Dufort explains that the city's advertising policy--which requires translation into Toronto's top six spoken languages--was followed. What wasn't followed was the translation policy stipulating that whenever the city translates a document into another language, it must also be translated into French. "It's mind-boggling. I don’t understand how that could be forgotten," says Lianne Doucet, a French-speaking resident. "It sounds like they forgot that Canada--from a federal perspective--is a bilingual country," says Thierry Lasserre, executive director of Alliance Française, a French school and cultural center in Toronto. According to the city's website, only one percent of Toronto's population speaks French at home. "The Franco-Ontarian community may be small, but it's intensely proud," says Doucet, who is advocating for the establishment of a new public French-speaking high school in Toronto's east end. Aside from its own policies, Toronto didn't break any provincial laws by omitting the French translation--it's up to municipalities to decide whether to include French in their promotions. "But they certainly didn't endear themselves to francophiles," Doucet says. "It's always a challenge to remind the city of the importance and belonging that French has," Marchildon says. "It's a question of visibility." Toronto has added French to the online version of the calendar and French will appear in the 2017 edition.
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California Preschools Attempt to Accommodate Students' 224 Languages
EdSource (CA) (01/05/15) Tully, Sarah

California's preschool programs are playing a key role in helping children who speak languages other than English get ready for kindergarten. In Los Angeles County alone, 224 languages and dialects are spoken by children in Head Start and the California State Preschool Program. Vietnamese was ranked the third most common home language--behind Spanish and English--in the state preschool program in 2013-14, and is also the third most common language in K-12. Head Start lists "East Asian languages" as the third most common home language. About 5% of preschoolers speak languages other than English or Spanish as a primary language, says Mariel Kyger, a research analyst for the Los Angeles Universal Preschool program. About 9% of preschool providers, such as Head Start, employ staff members who speak languages other than Spanish or English, including Korean, Armenian, and Chinese. "It seems like an impossible task," says Keesha Woods, division director of the Los Angeles County Office of Education. "Our children's needs are changing from one year to the next," she says. Many schools also have programs designed to support students' first language while making sure they also learn English. In 2015, the Westminster School District in Orange County launched California's first dual-language immersion program in Vietnamese. Teachers told parents in September that the goal of the program is to enhance students' first language as they learn English. Preschools in Orange County are now offering Pathways to Biliteracy awards, a program that gives certificates to children who master skills in two languages. "It is very important that you support your child's first language," says Tuy Truong, a teacher at Finley Elementary School's preschool class. "We want to validate what you have at home."
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ATA News

ATA 57th Annual Conference: Call for Presentation Proposals

The American Translators Association is now accepting presentation proposals for ATA's 57th Annual Conference in San Francisco, California (November 2-5, 2016). Proposals must be received by March 4, 2016.

How to Submit a Presentation Proposal for 2016

The Conference draws an audience of more than 1,600 attendees, bringing together translators, interpreters, educators, language services company owners, and project managers. Making a presentation to such a diverse audience is a great way to gain recognition as a leader and expert in your field.

How to Write a Winning ATA Conference Proposal

Think you couldn't possibly prepare a proposal to present? Think again. ATA's free webinar "How to Write a Winning ATA Conference Proposal" takes you through the process step-by-step. Common pitfalls? Winning proposal style? Presentation tips? You'll find the answers here!
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ATA 2016 Elections: Call for Nominations

The 2016 Nominating and Leadership Development Committee is pleased to announce the call for nominations from ATA’s membership to fill three directors’ positions (each a three-year term). Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting of Voting Members on Thursday, November 3, 2016, in San Francisco, California. Any ATA member may make a nomination by completing and submitting the form online or by mail.

The deadline for submitting nominations is March 1, 2016.
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The ATA Podcast: Episode 2

Listen in as ATA President David Rumsey and President-Elect Corinne McKay look back at ATA's 56th Annual Conference, look ahead to ATA's 57th Annual Conference, and explain why everyone's talking about ataTalk. Be sure to send your comments to podcast@atanet.org!
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ATA Mentoring Program Open Enrollment

Need to move your business forward? Have questions about technology, management, or clients? The ATA Mentoring Program may be just what you need.

The program matches 30 mentees with mentors who can help them reach their specific goals. The one-year mentorship has proven to be invaluable to both the mentor and mentee. Take advantage of this ATA member benefit!

Applications from interested mentees and mentors will be accepted through March 5. Don't wait! This will be your only opportunity to enroll in 2016.

Want to know how the program works? Check out this free 60-minute webinar for details. Be sure to read the webinar's question-and-answer handout, too.
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10 Years of School Outreach Stories

The ATA School Outreach Contest celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015. The winners' photos make a telling story of the program's phenomenal success. School by school, class by class, these ATA members have shared their careers in ways that captured the attention of students everywhere—in elementary schools, middle schools, colleges, and universities. But don't take our word for it. Let the winners themselves tell you about their adventures in the classroom, and while you're at it, make your plans to be a school outreach presenter this year!
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Your ATA membership is an important professional resource. Don't lose it! If you haven't renewed yet, visit www.atanet.org/renew to download a renewal form or renew online.

Questions about your ATA membership? ContactLauren Mendell, ATA Member Relations, at +1-703-683-6100, extension 3001.

And don't forget to grab your card!
Your ATA membership card is digital and available for download in the MembersOnly area of the ATA website. Just login and click the Membership Card tab.
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Unable to travel for professional development? Looking for continuing education you can do in your home or office? The ATA eConference is your answer.

What you get:

» More than 200 hours of education
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ATA-certified translators earn one continuing education point for each hour viewed, up to a maximum of 10 points.

Interpreters do too! CE points also accepted by some interpreter credentialing organizations. Check to see if your group is listed here.

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Translatio January 2016

The latest issue of Translatio, the International Federation of Translators' quarterly bulletin, is available for download from the organization's website. This edition features coverage of multiple international translation and interpreting events, including ATA's 56th Annual Conference in Miami (November 4-7, 2015).

The issue also includes the final call for the poster competition for International Translation Day 2016. ATA President David Rumsey submitted the winning proposal for this year's theme: "Translation and Interpreting: Connecting Worlds." Check out Translatio to learn more about International Translation Day 2016 and the Federation.
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Coming up in the January/February issue of The ATA Chronicle

Business and Marketing Tips for Translators: Direct Client Contact Ideas
We know clients are out there and that they need us, but exactly how to reach them is the issue. (Jesse Tomlinson)

Client Satisfaction Surveys for Freelance Translators
Satisfied clients typically become loyal clients. Finding out what it is that satisfies them can help your business succeed. (Michael Farrell)

Do You Have an Emergency Business Plan?
The first step in developing a plan is admitting that there’s eventually going to be a problem. (Sarah Lindholm)

Bilingualism in the Classroom: ATA’s School Outreach in Action
This year’s ATA School Outreach Contest winner helped promote the value of our profession to a classroom of eager students in Spain. (Birgit Vosseler-Brehmer)

2015 ATA Honors and Awards Recipients
And the winners are...
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