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American Translators Association Committees

The Association has established a number of standing and ad hoc committees to address issues that affect individual ATA members as well as the organization as a whole. Committee Chairs, all of whom must be voting members of the Association, are appointed by the ATA President.

The ATA Bylaws designate the following standing committees: Executive, Finance and Audit, Ethics, Membership, and Nominating and Leadership Development. The purpose of each standing committee is also outlined in the Bylaws. Other committees, whether standing or ad hoc, are established as needed by the Board of Directors.

ATA is a volunteer-driven organization and member participation is the strength behind many of the Association’s programs and events. There are many opportunities for members to get involved, give back to the Association, work with fellow members, and broaden their professional network.

Please click the committee name for specific objectives and charges. Committee members can be viewed here.

Business Practices Education
Ms. Tess Whitty
Park City, UT
tel: (801) 792-3918

Mr. David A. Stephenson
Durham, NC
tel: (919) 490-3787

Mr. Antonio E. Guerra
Devon, PA
tel: (610) 470-0189

Ms. Lucy Gunderson
Woodside, NY

Education and Pedagogy
(Non-ATA Programs)
Ms. Caitilin Walsh
Redmond, WA
tel: (425) 869-2058

Ms. Jill Sommer
Cleveland Heights, OH
tel: (330) 421-0057

Finance and Audit
Mr. John Milan
Chapel Hill, NC
tel: (412) 576-7938

Governance and Communications
Mr. Ted Wozniak
New Orleans, LA
tel: (985) 297-1457

Government Relations Committee
Ms. Corinne McKay
Boulder, CO
tel: (303) 396-4764

Honors and Awards
Dr. Lois M. Feuerle
Portland, OR
tel: (503) 236-5593

Interpretation Policy Advisory
Ms. Melinda Gonzalez-Hibner
Albuquerque, NM
tel: (303) 718-0940

Ms. Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo
Placentia, CA
tel: (614) 486-5877

Mr. Kyle Vraa
Circle Pines, WI
tel: (952) 353-7913

Nominating and Leadership Development
Mr. David Rumsey
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
tel: (250) 744-0979

Professional Development
(ATA Programs)
Ms. Anne Connor
West Deptford, NJ
tel: (856) 845-4182

Public Relations
Ms. Eve Bodeux
Lafayette CO
tel: (303) 573-0950

Ms. Jennifer DeCamp
McLean, VA
tel: (703) 347-5137

Translation & Interpreting Resources
Dr. Jost O. Zetzsche
Winchester Bay, OR