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Mentoring Committee

Committee Objective

Mentoring is a process where an experienced individual provides support, guidance, and assistance to a less experienced individual. The Mentoring Committee was established to develop and implement a program to train ATA members as mentors and mentees in an enhanced, informal mentoring relationship.

The Mentoring Committee is asked to do the following:
  • establish a program for ATA members that offers mentoring opportunities to new translators and interpreters;
  • provide orientation and training workshops to assist mentors and mentees in the mentoring process; and
  • promote mentoring within ATA as a means to building the profession and strengthening the Association.

If you would like to find out how to get involved in the ATA Mentoring Program, read the Introduction to the ATA Mentoring Program and see the Mentoring Program's Frequently Asked Questions.

Mentoring Committee Members 2017-2018