8 Smart Reasons to Join an ATA Division

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8 Smart Reasons to Join an ATA Division

To succeed in a global economy, you need specialized knowledge and an inside track. Being a member of one of ATA's 21 professional-interest groups gives you that and more!

  1. Make contacts that count.  Connect with a network of accomplished translators and interpreters who share your interests, issues, and specializations.
  2. Expand your visibility.  Build your reputation in the industry by contributing to division activities and leadership.
  3. Gain client confidence.  Let your division membership and commitment to continuing education help you establish credibility with clients.
  4. Develop professional skills. Move ahead in your field by attending division-organized educational
  5. Find the answers you need.  Learn practical solutions to daily challenges from division colleagues and mentors.
  6. Become an advocate. Increase the visibility and public awareness of your profession, language, and specialty with your support of division activities.
  7. Know the news. Stay current with language- and specialty-specific resources that keep you on top of emerging trends and industry news.
  8. Be part of a community. Find your professional home within the larger association by belonging to an ATA division!

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