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Division Administrator Newsletter Listserver
Arabic Language Division (ALD) Ghada Shakir ( -- List Server
Audiovisual Division (AVD) Deborah Wexler ( Deep Focus List Server
Chinese Language Division (CLD) Tianlu Redmon ( Yifeng List Server
Dutch Language Division (DLD) Irene Stoel ( DLD Newsletter Blog List Server
Educators Division (EdD) Laurence Ibrahim Aibo ( -- List Server
French Language Division (FLD) Andie Ho ( à propos List Server
German Language Division (GLD) Carlie Sitzman ( interaktiv List Server
Government Division (GovD) Amanda Curry ( -- List Server
Interpreters Division (ID) Helen Eby ( ID Blog List Server
Italian Language Division (ILD) Marica Angelides ( Tradurre List Server
Japanese Language Division (JLD) Céline Sutherland Browning ( JLD Times List Server
Korean Language Division (KLD) Paul B. Gallagher (divisionKLD(AT) KLD Blog List Server
Language Technology Division (LTD) Joseph Wojowski ( -- List Server
Law Division (LawD) Paula Arturo ( -- List Server
Literary Division (LD) Mercedes Guhl ( Source List Server
Medical Division (MD) Yasha Saebi ( Caduceus List Server
Nordic Division (ND) Talvi Laev ( ATA Nordic Division Blog List Server
Portuguese Language Division (PLD) Barbara Mendes ( PLD Blog List Server
Science & Technology Division (S_TD) Carola F. Berger ( ATA Science & Technology Division Blog List Server
Slavic Languages Division (SLD) Eugenia Tietz-Sokolskaya ( SlavFile List Server
Spanish Language Division (SPD) Edna Lucía Santizo ( Intercambios List Server
Translation Company Division (TCD) Marina Ilari ( ATA TCD News List Server

Why Join an ATA Division?

To succeed in today's competitive economy, you need specialized knowledge and an inside track. Being a member of one of an ATA Division is a great way to meet these practical needs of your business.

  • Make Contacts That Count: Through ATA Division listserver and social events, you will have access to a network of accomplished translators and interpreters who share your interests and issues.
  • Expand Your Visibility: By contributing to Division newsletters or serving on Division committees, you will build your reputation in the industry.
  • Find the Answers You Need: Through Division leaders, mentors, and colleagues, you will learn tried-and-true solutions to daily challenges – from terminology to software to business practices.
  • Know the News: Through Division newsletters and websites, you will stay current with language- and specialty-specific resources that meet the practical needs of your career.
  • Be Part of a Community: By belonging to an ATA Division, you will find a professional home within the larger Association.

Your ATA dues include membership in any or all of ATA's Divisions. If you haven't taken advantage of this membership benefit, now is the time to join an ATA Division.