ATA 46th Annual Conference
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Job Marketplace
Freelance translators and interpreters are offered an opportunity to market their services by displaying their résumés, brochures, and business cards while meeting with owners and managers of participating language services companies. Companies, hoping to find qualified translators and interpreters, can post job listings, peruse the résumés on display, and meet potential employees in person.

Job Marketplace Hours:
Thursday 10am-7pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 9am-2pm

Freelancers Attending the Conference:
All freelance translators and interpreters attending the conference may partipate in the Job Marketplace. Simply bring your résumés, brochures, and business cards to display them under your language combinations and/or specialties. You may also meet with participating language services companies and peruse the job listings of companies unable to participate.

ATA Associate/Active/Corresponding Members:
If you are attending the Annual Conference, please check the box at the bottom of your Conference Registration Form to indicate that you wish to participate in the Job Marketplace. Make sure that you also Add/Update Your Profile in the Directory of Translation and Interpreting Services by October 3 so that your most accurate information will appear. Once at the conference, bring copies of your résumé, brochures, and business cards to display.

Potential Employers:
Interested in recruiting at the Job Marketplace in person? Post job openings currently available in your company under any and all language combinations that fit your needs. If you are unable to recruit at the Job Marketplace in person, you may still post your job listings by simply completing the Job Marketplace Registration Form and return it to ATA by October 3. ATA will make your job listings available at the Job Marketplace for all conference attendees to see.

Unable to attend the conference?
If you are an ATA Member, you can still participate in the Job Marketplace! Simply complete the Job Marketplace Registration Form and make sure you Add/Update Your Profile in ATA's online services directories so that your most accurate information will appear. Deadline for participation is October 3. (Not available for ATA Student or Institutional Members.)