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American Translators Association  45th Annual Conference  October 13-16, 2004 • Toronto, Canada • Sheraton Centre

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ATA wishes to recognize the following companies for their contribution to the ATA Annual Conference and their invaluable support of the translation and interpreting fields. The following is the list of Sponsors as of October 1. Each company provided its own description.

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Gold Sponsors  $3,600 Contribution

SDL International


SDL Desktop Products is the localization tools division of SDL International. With over 1300 staff in 40 offices worldwide, SDL is the world's leading provider of translation services and technology solutions. SDLX, the fastest growing Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) tool, is a complete localization tool designed to benefit corporations, translation companies, and freelance translators worldwide. SDLX is recognized for its easy-to-learn user interface, scalable performance, and compatibility with other systems incorporating modern technology and open standards such as TMX to make it the most advanced, recognized translation memory product on the market today.

TRADOS Incorporated


Today only TRADOS is able to automate the entire globalization, translation, and localization supply chains, from individual translators to translation companies to enterprise-wide solutions. TRADOS provides the world's leading language technology that enables translators to be more productive. TRADOS is the gold standard for more than 70,000 professional translators, translation companies and enterprise solutions providers, including Microsoft, Siemens, SAP, Volkswagen, Audi Group, Bowne Global Solutions, Lionbridge, Medtronics, HP, and the European Union.

Silver Sponsors
 $2,600 Contribution

NetworkOmni Multilingual Communications

Founded in 1981 with its headquarters in California, NetworkOmni offers a wide scope of language services through its three divisions: On-site Interpreting, Translation, and Telephone Interpreting. In its commitment to quality, NetworkOmni rigorously follows language industry standards. The NetworkOmni Certification Program was developed by the recognized experts in applied linguistics.

Bronze Sponsors
 $2,000 Contribution
Services Limited

Accu-Translation Services Limited is a leading-edge provider of translation, desktop publishing, and localization, offering services in more than 50 languages since 1975.
Global Translations & Interpreters Services, Inc.
Global Translations is an industry leader in providing translation and interpretation services to various industries and professions, courts of law, government departments, and the public since 1972. We offer our clients a team that specializes in providing real business solutions that impact our client's value proposition for quality excellence, integrity, and effectiveness.

Contributing Sponsor
 $500-$1000 Contribution

Association of Language Companies


Hays Affinity Solutions
Language Line Services
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