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American Translators Association
44th Annual Conference
November 5-8, 2003
Pointe South Mountain Resort
Phoenix, Arizona

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ATA-1 Opening Session
Presenters: Thomas L. West III and Scott Brennan   

ATA-2 Presentation of Candidates and Election
Presenter: Thomas L. West III  

ATA-3 Orientation for First-time Conference Attendees
Presenters: Leah Ruggiero and Anne L. Vincent   

ATA-4 ATA Accreditation Program: Understanding the New Eligibility and Continuing Education Requirements
Presenters: Thomas L. West III, Jiri Stejskal, Marian S. Greenfield, Lilian Novas Van Vranken, and Ann G. Macfarlane 

ATA-5 Preparing to Take ATA's Accreditation Exam: Questions and Answers
Presenters: Terry Hanlen, Cecelia C. Bohannon, and Lilian Novas Van Vranken
ATA-6 A Meeting to Explore a Middle Eastern Languages Division
Presenter: Jessica Cohen      
C-1 Chinese Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Frank Y. Mou
F-1 French Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Michèle A. Hansen    
G-1 German Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Dorothee Racette 
IC-1 Taking Care of Business: The Non-language Side of Freelancing
Presenter: Jonathan T. Hine Jr.    
IT-1 Italian Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Marcello J. Napolitano
J-1 Japanese Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Izumi Suzuki
N-1 Nordic Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: David C. Rumsey
P-1 Portuguese Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Tereza D. Braga 
S-1 Spanish Language Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Rudolf Heller 

ABC-1 Why Don't More Translators (and Translation Companies) Specialize?
Presenter: Richard Gray
I-1 Challenging Conventional Wisdom: A Corpus-based Model for Interpreter Performance Evaluation Produces Surprising Results
Presenter: Peter P. Lindquist 
SL-1 Slavic Languages Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Nora S. Favorov

TAC-1 Translation Support Tools Forum
Presenter: Alan K. Melby      


ABC-2 Creating a Successful Translation Company without Seed Money
Presenter: Michael R. Cárdenas and Muriel M. Jérôme-O'Keeffe     
Talking Southern: What Every Interpreter Working in the South Should Know
Presenter: Diana Garcia Gafford       
Thursday, 2:30pm-3:15pm - All Levels
The Court Interpreters Act of 1978: A 25th Anniversary Retrospective on Progress and Challenges

Presenter: Nancy Schweda Nicholson
SL-2 Regulatory Documentation as a Source of Most Rigorous Terminology
Presenter: Igor A. Belyaev      

ATA-7 The ATA Mentoring Program: How Are We Doing?
Presenters: Courtney Searls-Ridge and John P. Shaklee
ABC-3 Translation Company Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Linda Gauthier 
F-2 The Legal Translator and Dictionaries: Friends or Foes?
Presenter: Frédéric Houbert
G-2 Did I Say That?
Presenters: Nancy M. Snyder and Janice Becker
H-1 Hebrew Language Workshop
Presenter: Merav Rozenblum
I-3 Interpreters Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Helen D. Cole
J-2 Japanese<>English Accreditation Workshop
Presenters: Kendrick J. Wagner, Connie Prener, Jackie Miyasaka, Kyoko Saegusa, Diane Howard, and Bunichi Ohtsuka
L-1 Literary Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Clifford E. Landers
MED-1 Medical Division Annual Meeting
Presenter: Martine Dougé
N-2 Pitfalls in Legal Translations Between English and Danish
Presenter: Helle P. Frandsen
P-2 Translation, Editing, and Revising: Decisions and Responsibilities
Presenter: Regina Helena Alfarano
Slavic Game Show: Double Jeopardy

Presenters: Larissa Kulinich and Steve Shabad
S-2 To Translate or to Mediate? That is the Question!
Presenter: Sergio G. Viaggio
S-3 Topics in Spanish Lexical Dialectology: Back to Basics
Presenter: Andre Moskowitz      
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Round Robin Tennis Tournament

Translation Company Division Reception

Networking Session

Interpreters Division Dinner

Medical Division Dessert Reception

Literary Division After Hours Café