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American Translators Association
44th Annual Conference
November 5-8, 2003
Pointe South Mountain Resort
Phoenix, Arizona

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ATA Activities

Thursday (8:30-9:15am)
Opening Session
Presenters: Thomas L. West III and Scott Brennan

ATA-2 Thursday (9:30-10:45am)
Presentation of Candidates and Election
Presenter: Thomas L. West III      
ATA-3 Thursday (11:00-11:45am)
Orientation for First-time Conference Attendees
Presenters: Leah Ruggiero and Anne L. Vincent     
ATA-4 Thursday (11:00am-12:15pm)
ATA Accreditation Program: Understanding the New Eligibility and Continuing Education Requirements
Presenters: Thomas L. West III, Jiri Stejskal, Marian S. Greenfield, Lilian Novas Van Vranken,and Ann G. Macfarlane
ATA-5 Thursday (1:45-3:15pm)
Preparing to Take ATA's Accreditation Exam: Questions and Answers
Presenters: Terry Hanlen, Cecelia C. Bohannon, and Lilian Novas Van Vranken
ATA-6 Thursday (1:45-3:15pm)
A Meeting to Explore a Middle Eastern Languages Division
Presenters: Jessica Cohen and Haleh Vakhshori 
ATA-7 Thursday (3:30-5:00pm)
The ATA Mentoring Program: How Are We Doing?
Presenters: Courtney Searls-Ridge and John P. Shaklee    
ATA-8 Friday (8:30-10:00am)
Annual Meeting of the Association
Presenter: Thomas L. West III   
ATA-9 Friday (10:15-11:45am)
Grassroots Activism: School Outreach
Presenters: Lillian S. Clementi, Amanda B. Ennis, and Courtney Searls-Ridge 
ATA-10 Friday (10:15-11:45am)
North American Regional Network Meeting
Presenter: Esteban Cadena    
ATA-11 Friday (10:15-11:45am)
Standards for Translation and Localization
Presenters: Sue Ellen Wright, Beatriz A. Bonnet, Alan K. Melby, and Kenneth E. Palnau
ATA-12 Friday (1:45-3:15pm)
Leadership: Practical Principles to Apply to Your Next Committee or Board Meeting
Presenter: Ann G. Macfarlane 
ATA-13 Friday (3:30-5:00pm)
New Directions for the Nominating Committee: Volunteer Opportunities Within the ATA
Presenter: Robert E. Sette  
ATA-14 Saturday (8:30-10:00am)
Annual Meeting of Division Administrators
Presenter: Dorothee Racette   
ATA-15 Saturday (10:15-11:45am)
Grassroots Activism: ATA's Public Relations Campaign
Presenters: Kevin Hendzel and Christine Durban 
ATA-16 Saturday (10:15-11:45am)
Chapter and Regional Groups Meeting
Presenter: Robert A. Croese
ATA-17 Saturday (1:45-5:00pm)
Arizona Court Interpreters Association and Arizona Interpreters and Translators Association Fall Forum
Presenter: Cynthia E. Roat 
ATA-18 Saturday (1:45-3:15pm)
Grader Recruitment for ATA's Accreditation Program
Presenters: Lilian Novas Van Vranken and Cecelia C. Bohannon 

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