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American Translators Association
44th Annual Conference
November 5-8, 2003
Pointe South Mountain Resort
Phoenix, Arizona

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ATA-8 Annual Meeting of the Association
Presenter: Thomas L. West III      

ATA-9 Grassroots Activism: School Outreach
Presenters: Lillian S. Clementi, Amanda B. Ennis, and Courtney Searls-Ridge
ATA-10 North American Regional Network Meeting
Presenter: Esteban Cadena
ATA-11 Standards for Translation and Localization
Presenters: Sue Ellen Wright, Beatriz A. Bonnet, Alan K. Melby, and Kenneth E. Palnau
ABC-4 40 Ways Translators Drive Project Managers Crazy
Presenters: Joe McClinton and Leah Ruggiero
C-2 Cruel Reality Versus Idealism: The Relationship Between the Translator, Proofreader, Translation Agency,and Client
Presenters: Yuanxi Ma and Elizabeth A. Tu
FIN-1 Translation of Financial Statements: Conflictive and Misleading Terms
Presenter: Pablo Tarantino
Atelier sur la cooccurrence en traduction juridique

Presenter: Louis Beaudoin
IC-2 40 Ways Project Managers Drive Translators Crazy
Presenters: Joe McClinton and Leah Ruggiero
I-4 Consecutive Interpreting: A Practical Way to Improve Your Interpreting Skills
Presenter: Carol J. Patrie
I-5 Interpretation Equipment: A Demonstration and Training
Presenters: H. Randall Morgan Jr. and Frederick Baysinger
L-2 Beacons: A Public Reading
Presenter: Alexis Levitin
MED-2 Medical Interpreters as Advocates
Presenters: Holly Mikkelson, Cynthia E. Roat, Jane Kontrimas, Karin B. Ruschke, and Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
TAC-2 What is so Sexy about Software Localization?
Presenters: Michael R. Cárdenas and Caroline Fumat
Configuring CAT Tools for Your Individual Working Environment
Presenter: Karl-Heinz Freigang

J-3 One Plate, Two Plate, Red Plate, Blue Plate
Presenter: Kendrick J. Wagner
P-3 Conference Terminology in Portuguese
Presenter: Georganne Weller
SL-4 Thesaurus Techniques in Multilingual Terminological Project Support
Presenter: Igor Vesler
TP-1 NEW TIME (Friday, 4:15pm-5:00pm)
Internships and Internship Guidelines

Presenters: Sue Ellen Wright and Maria T. Roldan
TP-5 Tests for Interpreter Selection: A Survey of 14 Countries
Presenter: Christian Degueldre

J-4 Molecular Targeted Therapy
Presenter: Steven M. Sherman MD
P-4 Translating Financial Mathematics into Brazilian Portuguese
Presenter: Naomi J. Moraes
SL-5 No Translation Needed!
Presenter: Konstantin Lakshin
TP-2 Translator Training Online: The Inside Story
Presenters: Milena Savova and Regina Helena Alfarano

ATA-12 Leadership: Practical Principles to Apply to Your Next Committee or Board Meeting
Presenter: Ann G. Macfarlane
ABC-5 Quality-First Management in the Translation and Localization Industry
Presenter: H. Randall Morgan Jr.
C-7 A Protocol Study of the Translating Process by Students and Experts
Presenter: Ran Zhao
F-4 Flashing Yellow (not Red) Lights
Presenter: Christine Durban
I-6 It Only Takes a Phone: Opting for Professional Development
Presenters: Janet M. Erickson-Johnson and Kang Liao
Treaty Certification at the State Department: A Comparative Look at Treaties in Italian and Other Romance Languages
Joseph Paul Mazza
L-3 Marilyn Gaddis Rose Lecture—Spies, Butterflies, and Hottentots: The Translator as Cultural Historian
Presenter: Breon Mitchell
MED-3 End of Life and the Rise of Palliative Medicine: Issues and Terminology
Presenter: Rafael A. Rivera MD, FACP
S-4 Social Development Translation Workshop
Presenter: Rut Simcovich
TP-3 Success Strategies for Interpreter Educators
Presenter: Carol J. Patrie
TAC-3 Linux and Open Source in the Freelance Office
Presenter: Alex Lane

Some Mistakes in English>Chinese Translations

Presenter: Gang Li
FIN-2 Corporate Financing: Legal and Financial Terminology
Presenter: Silvana Teresa Debonis
G-3 Bioterrorism and Biological Weapons: An Introduction to the Topic with Resources and Terminology for German Translators
Presenter: Ulrike Walter
J-5 “Ghost-Busting” Japanese Chemical Terminology
Presenter: Jon C. Johanning
P-5 Translation Strategies for Each Man is a Race
Presenter: Clarissa Surek-Clark
SL-6 Croatian<>English: Background, Experiences, and Resources
Presenter: Marijan A. Boskovic

C-4 NEW TIME (Friday, 3:30pm-4:15pm)
How to Survive and Be Successful in a Highly Competitive Market

Presenter: Dave Chen
FIN-3 Adding Value to Your Spanish>English Equity Research Translations
Presenter: Hugh F. Cullen
G-4 Introduction to Clinical Trials (Klinische Prüfung—eine Einführung)
Presenter: Elke Vogt-Arendt
J-6 Understanding Language Levels
Presenter: Diane Howard
P-6 Water and Stone: Carlos de Oliveira's Stalactite of Poetry
Presenter: Alexis Levitin
SL-7 Initiative to Establish New South Slavic Language Pairs for Accreditation: An Update
Presenters: Paula S. Gordon, Marijan A. Boskovic, David A. Stephenson, and Svetolik P. Djordjevic

ATA-13 New Directions for the Nominating Committee: Volunteer Opportunities Within the ATA
Presenter: Robert E. Sette
FIN-4 Translating for the Stock Market: Spanish to English
Presenter: Marian S. Greenfield
F-5 Pharma Writing Redux: Topics for English<>French Translators
Presenter: Michèle A. Hansen
G-5 Translating German Legalese III: Corporate Taxation and Social Insurance Law
Presenters: Joe McClinton and Lois M. Feuerle, PhD, JD
J-7 Consecutive Interpreting Workshop
Presenter: Izumi Suzuki
L-4 Continental Drift in Caribbean French: Problems of Style and Translation (Part I and II)
Presenters: Carrol F. Coates and Marilyn Gaddis Rose
MED-4 Understanding the Power of a Medical Interpreter
Presenters: Zarita Araújo-Lane and Vonessa A. Phillips
S-7 ¿Defensa apasionada del español?
Presenter: Silvia Peña-Alfaro
TAC-4 A Translator's Computer Tool Box for the 21st Century
Presenter: Jost O. Zetzsche

ABC-6 Coping with Project Churn: Practical Help for Project Managers
Presenter: Kenneth A. McKethan Jr.
C-4 How to Survive and Be Successful in a Highly Competitive Market
Presenter: Dave Chen
Film and TV Translation in China

Presenters: Shu Chang, Zhao Yun, and Ping Zou
I-7 A Program for Training and Testing Telephone Interpreters: Client Input as Validation Evidence
Presenters: Irena Nikolayeva-Stone, Frances A. Butler, Jean L. Turner, Charles W. Stansfield, and David Sawyer
Juan Rulfo en la Traducción Literaria:  Análisis comparativo y crítico de fragmentos de dos de sus obras traducidas

Presenter: Lilia A. Pierdant Guzman
S-6 Traduccion de materiales para el doblaje: Análisis del proceso de traducción del humor
Presenter: Rocio Molina
TP-4 A Practical Approach to Training Novice Interpreters
Presenter: Cynthia Miguélez
V-1 You Know You're a Translator When
Presenters: Betty T. Howell and Roxana Huhulea

ABC-7 Operational Strategies and Philosophies That Work
Presenter: Kim Vitray
ABC-8 Managing Marketing Translation Projects
Presenter: Mei-Ling Chen
I-8 Guides to Telephone Interpreting
Presenter: Silvia E. Lee
S-6 NEW TIME (Friday, 3:30pm-4:15pm)
Traduccion de materiales para el doblaje: Análisis del proceso de traducción del humor

Presenter: Rocio Molina
TP-1 Internships and Internship Guidelines
Presenters: Sue Ellen Wright and Maria T. Roldan
TP-5 NEW TIME (Friday, 10:15am-11:00am)
Tests for Interpreter Selection: A Survey of 14 Countries

Presenter: Christian Degueldre
V-2 Theory and Experience: Should Translators Live in Their Source Language or Target Language Country?
Presenters: Jacqueline Escolivet and Charlotte Standring
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