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American Translators Association
44th Annual Conference
November 5-8, 2003
Pointe South Mountain Resort
Phoenix, Arizona

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What if I register and then need to cancel?
Those cancelling not later than 5:00pm Eastern Time on Friday, October 24, 2003, will receive a refund of registration fees minus a $25 administrative fee. Cancellations will NOT be honored after that time. Refunds will be processed 30 days after receiving notification of cancellation. Cancellations must be in writing.
What if I can only attend one day of the Conference?
One-day registration is possible. See the Conference Registration Form for complete details.
May I register onsite?
Yes. See the Conference Registration Form for complete details. Onsite registration for Preconference Seminars, Division Events, the Round Robin Tennis Tournament, and the Closing Banquet will be accepted as space permits. We regret that we cannot guarantee onsite registration for these events.
How can I be sure my name will be included in the list of attendees?
If you want your name to appear in the list of attendees that will be distributed to all attendees, your registration and payment must be received by Friday, October 24, 2003.
How can I be sure ATA received my registration?
All registrations will be acknowledged. If you do not receive acknowledgement within 15 business days after sending your registration, contact us by phone, fax, or email.
What is the weather like in Phoenix in November?
The highest average temperature is 74.3° Fahrenheit/23.5° Celsius.
The lowest average temperature is
46.9° Fahrenheit/8.3° Celsius.
How should I dress for the Conference?
Casual-business attire is appropriate. This year's host hotel has open-air concourses between meeting rooms, so be prepared for the mornings and evenings to be a bit chilly. Also, the walkways are paved with Saltillo tile. Keep this in mind when selecting footwear.
Q. How can I locate someone to share a room with?
You may post a message or respond to someone else's message in the ATA Forum: Roommate Referral section of the ATA website. This is a benefit of ATA Membership.
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