Translation Company Division: 
2002 Candidate Statement

Linda Gauthier

Candidate for Administrator

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Playing with words having always been a passion, I naturally found my way to studies in translation at McGill University and graduated in 1986. From then on, I took on freelance projects sporadically while I worked full time in a law firm and then for some of the largest commercial real estate managers in the area. This exposure to Big Business has since served me well in creating my own company. In 1994, Maryse Benhoff and I launched BG Communications International Inc. and have been holding a tiger by the tail ever since. From a modest 2-woman office offering 5 languages, the company now yields seven-digit sales yearly, employs 12 people full time, houses 140 languages and the full gamut of linguistic services, with the participation of over 900 language professionals worldwide. Belatedly, I became accredited with the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec and an associate member of the ATA in 1999.

I have been a member of the TCD for three years and have always found its summer conferences energizing and an opportunity to converse with fellow business people. Following in Steve Iverson’s footsteps as Division Administrator is a tall order, but if elected, I plan to further the following goals:

  • Ratify the Code of Best Practices created thanks to the unrelenting efforts of Suzanne Robinson and make it available on the TCD website for its members to download and use.

  • Further relations with other industry-related associations, in the United States, Canada and Europe, to everyone’s benefit.

  • Organize a yearly spring conference where TCD members can exchange ideas and reflect on industry trends in view of helping them build stronger businesses.

  • Look to find new ways to have the membership interact with each other to create a stronger network of professionals.

  • Cooperate with ATA members at large to foster understanding between agencies and freelancers.