Science and Technology

ST-1 (T, 3:30-5:00pm) - ALL LEVELS
German>English Chemistry Workshop
S. Edmund Berger, independent technical translator, Tonawanda, New York

This session will deal with various aspects of chemical and related terminology and nomenclature. Selected terms and concepts occasionally encountered in translating German texts into English will be discussed. In general, emphasis will be on individual terms rather than on translating their context. This workshop should be of interest to those among our colleagues who occasionally or regularly undertake chemical and related translations, as well as to those who have not had a formal education in chemistry. Colleagues working primarily in the biomedical field may also benefit.

[CANCELED] ST-2 (S, 3:30-4:15pm) - ALL LEVELS
Technical Resources for Translators
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, Bodeux International, Denver, Colorado

This presentation will survey the use of technical resources for translators. Topics covered will include: 1) Internet resources such as glossaries, search engines, and other sites; 2) inter-cultural and technical issues when communicating electronically with international colleagues/clients; 3) a review of computer-aided translation tools; and 4) a review of related hard copy resources.

(S, 4:15-5:00pm) - ALL LEVELS
A Visual Approach to Technical Terms for Translators and Interpreters
Paulo R. Lopes, full-time translator and simultaneous interpreter, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil

One of the problems translators and interpreters have is trying to understand a little about the technical issues they have to translate or interpret: the more they do the better the final result. By using a standard presentation software package, this workshop attempts to bring forth quite a few specific topics in various areas, such as mechanics, medicine, physics, chemistry. The presenter will use a pictorial approach, so participants can visualize the differences between closely related terms.


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