Independent Contractors

IC-1 (T, 1:45-3:15pm) - ALL LEVELS
Taking Care of Business: The Non-language Side of Freelancing
Jonathan T. Hine, Jr., full-time translator and instructor of technical translation, James Madison University, Charlottesville, Virginia

Freelance translators are in business. Pricing, marketing, and quality control are crucial to business success. This presentation should introduce new professionals to the elements of budgeting and business management, using a non-technical procedure for calculating a minimum price. The method should help anyone develop personal criteria for determining whether a proposed assignment would be profitable. The presentation will suggest ways to track translation volume and revenue, which are important for business health and tax reporting. This year will include new material on financial planning, customer relations, and more time for questions and answers.

IC-2 (T, 3:30-5:00pm) - ALL LEVELS
Marketing Yourself in the Internet Age: A Guide to Surviving and Prospering in the Coming Industry Turmoil
Kevin S. Hendzel, chief operating office, and director, Language Services, ASET International Services Corporation, Arlington, Virginia

IC-3 (S, 8:30-9:15am) - ALL LEVELS
To Go Where No One Has Gone Before
Marie C. Martien, French intercultural specialist, Timonium, Maryland

The first half of the presentation will cover translation as a communication and globalization tool. The second half will focus on becoming a communicator. Topics to be addressed include: embracing the client's mission, customizing, writing skills, developing a platform for success, traps and pitfalls, and making a difference.

(S, 9:15-10:00am) - ALL LEVELS
Does the Freelance Translator Need a New Model?
John Rock, freelance technical translator, Houston Texas

The old hierarchical model (Client>Agency>Freelance translator) was much better suited to a time when translation was in its infancy, communications were expensive, and where all the players forming the pyramid were localized in a single geographic area. Nowadays, with corporations moving to more lateral management teams and the frightening convenience of worldwide communications and travel, key projects are handled like multi-company joint ventures. The hierarchical model appears not only archaic, but also inefficient. This presentation explores some of the pros and cons of adopting a new model for freelance translation, and discusses the salient feature such a model might have.

[CANCELED] IC-4 (S, 10:15-11:45am) - ALL LEVELS
Tips for Running Your Translation Business
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, Bodeux International, Denver, Colorado

This panel will focus on various information that will help translators run their freelance business. How to work with agencies overseas and the various ways to accept payment (various currencies, transfers, checks, overseas bank accounts, etc.), as well as how to keep track of payments in various currencies (what programs to use, how to calculate it, etc.) will be discussed.

IC-5 (S, 1:45-2:30pm) - ALL LEVELS
When, Where, and How to Donate Our Professional Services
Sara G. Koopman, Spanish interpreter and translator, Seattle, Washington

How can you best support a cause or organization that's meaningful to you? Donating our services (both interpretation and translation) can be very rewarding, but it is also a path full of pitfalls. Come participate in a lively well-facilitated discussion about how to make these experiences fun and rewarding for us, both personally and professionally. We will explore ways that we can use these opportunities to promote our profession and ourselves and craft our ideal working conditions.

IC-6 (S, 3:30-5:00pm) - BEGINNER
Desktop Publishing How-To's, Tips and Tricks, Do's and Don'ts
Krisztina Samu, owner, Appleseed Multi-Lingual DTP Services, Vancouver, Washington

How do you decide if you should offer desktop publishing services? This presentation will evaluate the pros and the cons and offer participants a crash course in QuarkXPress. Learn how to format professional looking documents in Quark, with special consideration for foreign languages. This presentation does not cover Asian or Workshop, but will cover typography (the ins and outs) and using styles and master pages. Learn why how it is built is just as important as what you see.


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