G-1 (1:45-3:15pm) - ALL LEVELS
German Language Division Annual Meeting
Helge L. Gunther, administrator, German Language Division, West Chester, Pennsylvania

G-2 (S, 8:30-9:15am) - ALL LEVELS
The Translation of Proverbs and Proverbial Expressions in German>English Texts
Dorothee Racette, freelance German translator, Saranac, New York

This hands-on presentation will focus on the often difficult translation of proverbs and proverbial expressions. Due to the wide range of uses for these expressions, related translation problems are not at all confined to literary texts, but can also occur with marketing and general interest material. Since many of these language formulas are deeply rooted in historic context and cultural reference, their accurate translation can provide the key to understanding an entire text in the target language. Participants will be introduced to the most important (German and English) reference works for working with proverbial material, idiomatic expressions, and slang.

Translation Quality in the Protective Coatings Industry

Dieter Wältermann, senior systems scientist and professor, Language Technologies Institute (School of Computer Science), Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Translating and editing texts from an international clientele in the protective coatings industry demands expertise in several technical areas: chemistry, paint and varnishes, the construction industry, crude oil production, processing, and transportation facilities, shipbuilding and the marine industry, food processing plants, and various sectors of the transportation industry, such as bridges, roads, railroads, and tunnels. In addition to technical knowledge, any successful translator must possess the appropriate linguistic knowledge in order to be able to translate such materials. This presentation will feature central issues related to core terminology in the protective coatings industry as well as the quality of translations in this field. The discussion will be based on numerous examples from three years of translation work for PCE (Protective Coatings Europe) and will feature suggestions on improving style as well as translation quality.


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