F-1 (T, 3:30-5:00pm) - BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE
"La douceur du tabac, le moelleux des coussins...": Contrasting Styles in Written French and English
Willard Wood, French translator, Norfolk, Connecticut

This workshop will examine a half dozen stylistic traits of standard written French--the tendency toward "nominalization," the avoidance of "to be" as the main verb of a sentence, the tolerance for a "daisy-chain" of relative clauses--and discuss how these are best dealt with in standard written English. Worksheets will be provided and participants invited to "solve" translation problems in pairs or small groups. Answers will be aired during the session. Aimed primarily at the French-to-English translator (though translators into French are equally welcome), the workshop is intended to refresh or enhance the translator's ability to identify and correct common stylistic discontinuities between the two languages.

F-2 (F, 1:45-2:30pm) - BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE
Leaving No Footprints: More Hazards of French>English Translation
Lillian Clementi, freelance French> and German>English translator, Arlington, Virginia

Grammatical and stylistic distinctions between English and French can be treacherous, and it is often a challenge to convert abstract French into convincing and concrete English. In a follow-up to last year's session, this presentation will examine some of the tell-tale signs of translation and ways to avoid them. Topics will include common pitfalls ranging from typography to grammar to style, with special emphasis on idiomatic use of verbs and prepositions. Although the presenter will speak from the perspective of a French>English translator, the session is also designed to be useful for native Francophones writing in English.

(F, 2:30-3:15pm) - ALL LEVELS
Technical Resources for French<>English Translators
Eve Lindemuth Bodeux, editor, ATA French Language Division newsletter, À-propos, Denver, Colorado

This presentation will survey the use of computer-related resources specifically related to French<>English translation. Topics covered include: 1) Internet resources such as glossaries, search engines, and other sites; 2) inter-cultural and technical issues when communicating electronically with French and international colleagues/clients; 3) tips on how to use the current computer-aided translation tools most efficiently for French<>English translation; and 4) updates on new or improved translation tools and how they relate specifically to French<>English translation.

F-3 (F, 3:30-5:00pm) - ALL LEVELS
French Language Division Annual Meeting
Joan Bond Sax, administrator, ATA French Language Division, Weston, Massachusetts; Anne L. Vincent, assistant administrator, ATA French Language Division, Wakefield, Rhode Island


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