The Future of Translation
and Interpreting

Join the discussion that matters!

-Take part in this unique combination of sessions and activities. We begin with "Lightning Talks" to pose different views on issues affecting your future, then continues with "Comment Capture" to gather your thoughts and opinions throughout the conference, and then ends with "The Debate" for the final word on important issues.

Lightning Talks: The Future of Translation and Interpreting
-Organized by Karen Tkaczyk, eight people representing different views on the translation and interpreting industry will give "lightning" presentations. Each panelist will give a personal perspective lasting four minutes. Time limits will be strictly enforced. This session is designed to present challenging opinions in a high-energy way and to stimulate discussion on big-picture issues throughout the entire conference.
-Thursday 11:00am - 12:00pm Open to all ATA conference attendees

Comment Capture: The Future of Translation and Interpreting
-Organized by Laurie Gerber, this will be an onsite and online forum for capturing responses to the "Lightning Talks." Attendees will be able to comment onsite using pencil and paper, and online using Twitter feeds and email. Comments should be civil but heartfelt and honest. These comments will be incorporated into and used during "The Debate."
-Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm Open to all ATA conference attendees

The Debate: The Future of Translation and Interpreting
-Organized by Laurie Gerber, this panel debate serves as the conclusion of this series. It will feature three speakers: a translator who chooses a relatively low-tech approach to his work, a representative of the machine translation community, and an interpreter. The speakers will be given 10 to 15 minutes to argue their opinions on the future of our profession. They will be encouraged to take the comments made by conference attendees during the "Comment Capture" portion of this series into account. This will be followed up with questions from the audience.
-Saturday 3:45pm - 5:00pm Open to all ATA conference attendees
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What do attendees like best about the ATA Conference?
“Opportunities to learn, progress, and raise the bar of our work through inspiration, motivation, experience, and the support of our colleagues.”
“The large selection of different sessions with inspiring topics and the high caliber of all the presenters.”
“Meeting people, having discussions, rediscovering the ethics of the business, and learning from the experience of others.”
“Sharpening my tools and exchanging ideas with friends and colleagues.”

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