New! The Attendee Network

Attendee Network
Leave Your Résumés at Home!!!

As a feature of the Mobile App being offered this year, attendees will be able to connect like never before.

You do NOT have to own a smartphone to take advantage of this opportunity.

Do you want all 1,800 attendees to have access to your credentials and résumé?

Create your “MyProfile” so that your contact information, photo, language combinations, job title, résumé, and more will be included in the
Attendee Network. All 1,800 attendees will be able to learn more about you before, during, and after the conference.

You can use the Matchmaking* function to get matched with attendees who have chosen similar attributes.

*The Matchmaking function is available on iPhone/iPad and Android/Tablet only. If you do not have those devices, make sure to select your Matchmaking attributes so that others can be matched with you.

Instead of...
  Printing, packing, and dragging copies of your résumé to the conference
Now you can...
  Post your résumé—along with your phone, email, website, and bio—in the attendees section of the app
Instead of...
  Leaving résumés on a table where a few attendees will find it, if they haven't already run out, been pushed aside, or buried
Now you can...
  Make your résumé available to ALL attendees
Instead of...
  Waiting for the conference to get the printed list of attendees
Now you can...
  See who's coming before you arrive and easily reconnect with them after returning home

How do I submit my résumé?
-Within the “MyProfile” section, you will find instructions for providing your résumé.
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Mobile_Icon The ATA
Mobile App
is Now
This FREE app will put the entire conference at your fingertips. learn more

Experiencing technical difficulties?
-Click the “Support” icon within the Mobile App or email TripBuilder at

A helpful tip for the Mobile App:
-New attendees are being added constantly, so be sure to sync the app on your mobile device or click “refresh” in your web browser.
-For mobile devices, the sync icon is located on the main screen. For iPhones/iPads and Androids, the icon is two arrows and is located in the lower left hand corner. For Blackberries, the icon says “Sync.”

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