Why hire an ATA member?

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Why hire an ATA member?

A bad translation can be disastrous for any business. Worst case, it can endanger customers and put the company at risk for lawsuits. Best case, it can destroy consumer trust and loyalty for years to come. A good translation, on the other hand, can help a company expand into new markets and establish strong relationships with non-English speaking customers.

Interpreting services are no less important. The fallout of misinterpretation includes everything from a simple misunderstanding between business partners to major international incidents between countries.

Hiring a professional translator or interpreter is an investment that deserves the highest quality return. Selecting an ATA member is an excellent first step in making that happen.

  1. Expertise
    ATA plays a crucial role in helping members pursue the knowledge and skills necessary to help clients reach their goals. Through their membership in ATA, translators and interpreters signal the importance they place on professional education in the service of their clients.

  2. Code of Ethics and Professional Practice
    ATA members share a commitment to the ethical business practices that hold their services accountable to the highest possible standards. The association's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice is the basis for a member's honest, confidential, and responsible interaction with clients.

  3. It's easy.
    ATA's online services directories let you customize a search for language services and returns with a list of members that meet your requirements. And it's free!

About the American Translators Association

ATA is a professional association founded to encourage and support the continuing education and professional development of individual translators and interpreters. With over 10,000 members in more than 95 countries, the Association includes translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

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