1996 Chronicle Index

ATA Officer Columns
From the Executive Director (Walter Bacak)

Looking to the New Year. 25:3 Jan.
Membership. 25:3 Feb.
Membership Services: Collections. 25:3 March.
Going Worldwide. 25:3 April.
The Membership Database. 25:3 May.
The Staff. 25:6 June.
Divisions. 25:3 July.
Board Meeting Highlights. 25:3 Aug.
ATA Membership. 25:5 Sept.
Show time. 25:3 Oct.
The Year in Review. 25:3 Nov/Dec.

From the President (Peter Krawutschke)

My 1996 ATA Wish List. 25:4 Jan.
Letting Go. 25:4 Feb.
Micro and Macro Translator Meetings. 25:4 March.
Board Meeting Highlights. 25:4 April.
Board Decisions. 25:4 May.
Barking Up the Right Tree. 25:4 June.
Chapters. 25:4 July.
Meet Me in St. Louis!. 25:4 Aug.
Education: The Core of the ATA and RCNA Conferences (co-author Muriel Jérôme-O'Keeffe). 25:4 Sept.
25 Years. 25:5 Oct.
The Foundation. 25:4 Nov./Dec.

From the President-elect (Muriel Jérôme-O'Keeffe)

Conference Focus: Colorado Springs and the Broadmoor Hotel. 25:5 April.
Start Planning Now: Highlights of ATA's 37th Annual Conference. 25:5 May.
A Rocky Mountain Experience. 25:5 June.
Getting There. 25:5 July.
What's New for '96 (Board candidates announced). 25:5 Aug.
Conference Thoughts. 25:6 Oct.
Colorado Springs: A Success. 25:5 Nov./Dec.

From the Treasurer (Monique-Paule Tubb)

ATA's Finances. 25:8 Jan.
Report from the Treasurer. 25:12 April.
ATA in the Black. 25:9 May.
Overhead Expenses. 25:7 June.
The Association's Finances. 25:7 Oct.
Government Relations Fund. 25:6. Nov/Dec.

Association News

ATA Activities

FIT Congress in Melbourne, Australia; Manouche Ragsdale named RCNA conference organizer; Adam Jacobson steps down as Chronicle editor; Web page being developed. 25:6 Jan.


ATA assists the National Capitol Area Chapter of ATA, the New York Circle of Translators, and the Delaware Valley Translators Association with the ATA Regional Conference, June 1-2, Washington, DC.; 1995 Chronicle index compiled; ATA-endorsed professional liability in final stage of completion; Volume VIII of ATA Series "Translation and the Law" published. 25:6 Feb.


ATA Board meets in Alexandria, VA; 1994 Chronicle index compiled; Sedgwick, Inc. professional liability available; Rolodex membership card offered;


ATA Board Reception in Alexandria, VA; Regional Conference preparations; Annual conference preparations; Honors and Awards progress. 25:25 April.


ATA annual audit conducted; Membership Directory to be mailed. 25:11 May.


Board approves Special Projects Committee; ATA accountant Loan Dang resigns; Kaiser Permanente offers medical coverage to California members; Membership services questionnaire sent; Anne Cordero and President Krawutschke attend Joint National Committee on Languages Annual Meeting; Edith Losa represents ATA at the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators Annual Conference.


ATA assists with Regional Conference in Washington, DC; Conference Preliminary Program printed; Headquarters computer network upgraded; ATA mentioned in Business Start Ups.


Board of Directors meets in St. Louis; ATA conference and Regional Center for North America conference programs mailed; Fiscal year 1996 budget constructed; Courtney Searls-Ridge published in German-American Business West; ATA mentioned in Association Trends.


Conference registration forms processed; Universal Parcel Services agreement signed; Translations Services Directory update.


Conference schedule finalized; Final Conference Program sent; RCNA program finalized; ATA to offer high school outreach program during conference in Colorado Springs.


Board meets Nov. 2-3 in Colorado Springs; William Parks approved as chair of Special Projects Committee; Seth Reams approved as chair of Ethics Committee; Board established Divisions Committee; Board established Division [being established] (French, German, Nordic, and Spanish); Final conference registration count is 1,163, 150 attend RCNA conference; 6,052 members for 1996; 1997 Translation Services Directory published; Japanese Patent Translation Handbook published; Volume 3 of Beacons published; ATA Web site being developed.


ATA Board of Directors Meeting Stouffer Renaissance Hotel, Nashville Tennessee, November 11-12, 1995. 25:9 Jan.

ATA Board of Directors Meeting, Embassy Suites Hotel, Alexandria, VA, March 16-17, 1996. 25:24 April.

ATA Board of Directors Meeting, St. Louis, July 20-21. 25:42 Sept.

ATA Board of Directors Meeting Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Nov. 2-3. 25:31 Nov./Dec.


New Chapters Committee. Mies de Vries, chair, ATA Chapters Committee. 25:14 Aug.


Rethinking Divisions: An Open Letter to Fellow Members of the ATA. Ann G. Macfarlane, chair, ATA Divisions Committee). 25:8 Nov./Dec.

French [being established]

Report on the French Language Division [being established]. Anne Vincent, acting administrator, and Betty Becker-Theye, assistant acting administrator. 25:16 Nov./Dec.

German [being established]

German Division [being established] Report. Bruni Johnson. 25:16 Nov./Dec.

AUFRUF. Claudia Kellersch, acting administrator. 25:18 Nov./Dec.


Beacons, Past and Future. Clifford E. Landers, administrator. 25:9 Jan.

Rocky Mountain High. Clifford E. Landers, administrator. 25:24 Nov./Dec.


Profile on the Japanese Language Division. Miho Kite, administrator. 25:22 Feb.

Japanese Language Division Report. Miho Kite, administrator. 25:22 Nov./Dec.

New ATA Publication: Patent Translation Handbook. 25:33 Nov./Dec.

Nordic [being established]

Nordic Division [being established]. Edith M. Matteson, acting administrator. 25:15 Nov./Dec.


Growing Success of the Portuguese Language Division. Lourdes Norton, administrator. 25:18 Aug.

Portuguese Language Division of the ATA Annual Report. Lourdes V. Norton, administrator. 25:19 Nov./Dec.

Science and Technology

The Sci-Tech Division: Who We Are and What We Do. Patricia Bobeck, administrator. 25:7 Feb.

Sci-Tech Journal Seeks Editor. Patricia Bobeck, administrator. 25:7 Aug.

Sci-Tech Division Update. Patricia Bobeck, administrator. 25:25 Nov./Dec.


Slavic Language Division Update. Susana Greiss, administrator. 25:6 March.

Slavic Languages Division Report. Susana Greiss, administrator. 25:23 Nov./Dec.

Spanish [being established]

The Garden of the Gods and the Fourth Annual Spanish Forum. Adriana Rosado-Bonewitz. 25:20 Nov./Dec.

Coming Attractions: A Spanish Division Being Established and Looking for a Non-Divisive Name. Sylvia Korwek, acting administrator. 25:22 Nov./Dec.


Board of Directors Candidate Statements: Marian Greenfield; María-Celina G.R. Heeter; Bruni Johnson; Sylvia Korwek; Alicia S.V. Marshall; Cliff Landers; Rafael R. Ojeda; Manouche Ragsdale; Anthony T. Rivas; Izumi Suzuki; Tom West. 27:7 Sept.

Board Election Results. 25:7 Nov./Dec.

Honors and Awards

ATA Translation Awards Nomination Sought. Eric McMillan, chair, Honors and Awards Committee. 25:24 Feb.

Alexander Gode Medal Call for Nominations. 25:17 April.

Student Award Progress Report. 25:36. June.

Honors and Awards Committee Board Report (winners announced). 25:7 Nov./Dec.

Members in the News

Laura E. Wolfson publishes "Breaking the Language Barrier" in United Airlines Hemispheres. 25:6 Jan.

Mark Herman and Ronnie Apter translate Reader's Digest Bible for Children: Timeless Stories from the Old and New Testament. 25:7 Jan.

Zinaida S. Romadinova, ATA's 6,000th Member (profile on). Zinaida S. Romadinova 25:7 Jan.

Robert J. Hinostro honored by Central Coast Chapter California Interpreters Association. 25:8 Feb.

Dr. Marilyn Gaddis Rose Funds Translation Chair at Binghamton University. 25:23 Feb.

Helen M. Szablya and Peggy King Anderson publishes Fall of the Red Star. 25:12 March.

Guillermo E. "Bill" Hernandez obtained his Bachelor degree in Science of Business and Management from the University of Redlands, California. 25:35 June.

Rosalie Wells was awarded the Subcontractor of the Year Award by M2 Limited. 25:35 June.

Adams Technical Translations' French translation of Dell Computer Corporation's manual and online documentation for the new Pentium laptops was reviewed in September 1995 issue of the French Génération PC magazine.

Terra Pacific Writing Corporation received two Awards of Merit and two Awards of Achievement from the Society for Technical Communication Puget Sound Chapter. 25:35 June.

Fritz G. Hensey and Cristina D. Helmerichs elected to positions on National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators Board of Directors. 25:35 July.

Ally Liu Riner hired as in-house translator/interpreter by Roeslein & Associates, Inc. 25:35 July.

Master Translating Services, Inc. celebrates 15th anniversary. 25:35 July.

Anne Cordero represents ATA at Joint National Committee for Languages Annual Delegate Assembly in Washington, DC. 25:28 Aug.

Corporate Word acquired by Golden State Financial Group. 25:28 Aug.

Liliana Valenzuela recently published El arroyo de la Llorona, a Spanish translation of Sandra Cisneros' Woman Hollering Creek. 25:39 Nov./Dec.

OmniLingua, Inc. announced the creation of $1,000 foreign language scholarship. 25:39 Nov./Dec.


Dragica Lendic Bebek. 25:6 June.


Mutual of Omaha Medical Insurance Program. (800)223-6927. 25:7 Jan.

ATAware (correspondence portfolio; certificate holder; coffee mugs; imitation Mont Blanc pen; tote bags; and t-shirt) 25:18 Jan. (Check with Headquarters regarding current prices.)

Sedgwick James of Virginia, Inc. professional liability insurance. 1-800-448-9729, Mary_A._Durig@sedgus.com. 25:20 March.

New ATA Errors and Omissions Liability Program. Mary Durig. 25:6 April.

ATA Active Membership Review. 25:7 May.


Call for Papers for ATA Series: Volume X: Translation and Medicine. 25:28 June.

Conference News

ATA Annual Conference

Conference Exhibitors List for Colorado Springs. 25:31 Oct.

Neil Langdon Inglis: Colorado Springs, 1996. Tina Delia. 25:14 Nov./Dec.

Job Exchange 1996: At the Broadmoor and Beyond. Virginia Fox. 25:15 Nov./Dec.

Colorado Springs Conference Coverage Pictorial. 25:28 Nov./Dec.

Regional Center for North America Conference

Regional Center for North America Conference, October 27-29, 1996, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Manouche Ragsdale. 25:8 June.

Related Conferences and Assemblies

Joint National Council for Languages Annual Assembly Report. Anne Cordero. 25:28 June.

Review of NAJIT-17th Annual Meeting and Educational Conference. Edith Losa. 25:8 July.

ATA East Coast Regional Conference. Kevin Hendzel. 25:16 Aug.

Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT)

1996 FIT Congress in Melbourne, Australia. Steve Sachs, FIT vice president and ATA representative. 25:7 April.

A Walk Through the 1996 FIT Congress. Monique-Paule Tubb. 25:7 April.

FIT Flash. Steve Sachs, FIT vice president and ATA representative. 25:15 July.

Monthly Columns

Dictionary Reviews

Corporate Finance Translator's Glossary (English-Spanish/Spanish-English). Author: Octavio Hernandez. Publisher: Octavio Hernandez, Hillsdale, New York. Publication date: 1995. ISBN: 0-9649676-0-X. Price: $14.95. Reviewed By: Marian S. Greenfield. 25:28 Jan.

Diccionario De Terminologia Financiera Inglés-Español). Authors: Kathryn Phillips-Miles and Simon Murray Deefholts. Publisher: AMCD (Publishers), Ltd., Cheshire, England. ISBN: 1-897762-05-4. Price: 15 or $25 (volume discounts available for two or more copies). Reviewed By: Marian S. Greenfield. 25:28 Jan.

Dictionary of Cricket. Author: Michael Rundeel. Publisher: Oxford University Press, New York. Publication date: 1995. ISBN: 0-19-866198-3. Price: $19.95, hardcover. Reviewed By: Tony Beckwith. Available from: Oxford University Press, (212) 726-7147. 25:29 Jan.

Dictionary of Sexual Slang: Words, Phrases, and Idioms. Author: Alan Richter. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, New York. Publication date: 1993. Price: $29.95, hardcover. Reviewed By: Clifford Landers. 25:29 Jan.

Lexique matériel de sécurité, Security Equipment Glossary. Author: Yves Doyon. Publisher: Canada Communication Group - Publishing. Publication Date: 1993. ISBN 0-660-56483-1. Price: $22.05. Reviewed by: Michel Meunier. Available in the U.S. from: International Specialized Book Services, 5804 NE Hassalo Street, Portland, OR 97213, (800) 547-7734; and Accent Publications Services, Inc., 911 Silver Spring, Ave, Suite 202, Silver Spring, MD 20910, (301) 588-5496; and available in Canada from: Canadian Communication Group Publishing, (819) 956-4802. 25:28 Feb.

Lexique constitutionnel, Constitutional Glossary. Author: Cyrille Goulet. Publisher: Translation Bureau, Terminology and Linguistic Services Directorate, Department of the Secretary of State of Canada. Publication Date: 1993. ISBN: 0-660-58852-8. Price: $23.35. Reviewed by: Thomas L. West III. Available in the U.S. from: International Specialized Book Services, 5804 NE Hassalo Street, Portland, OR 97213, (800) 547-7734; and Accent Publications Services, Inc., 911 Silver Spring, Ave, Suite 202, Silver Spring, MD 20910, (301) 588-5496; and available in Canada from: Canadian Communication Group Publishing, (819) 956-4802. 25:28 Feb.

Reference Aid: Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Special Terms in the Press of Greece and Cyprus, JPRS-WER-93-002. Author: None identified. Publisher: Foreign Broadcast Information Service, P.O. Box 2604, Washington, DC 20013. Publication date: November 24, 1993. ISBN: not available. Price: $22.00. Reviewed by: Alexis Takvorian, Ph.D. Available from: NTIS (National Technical Information Service), Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161, (703) 487-4650. 25:28 Feb.

Space Sciences Dictionary, Volume 3. Space Technology and Space Research English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Author: J. Kleczek and H. Kleczkova ISBN. 0-444-98817-3. Publisher. Amsterdam, Elsevier, 1994. Price: $228.50.

Reviewed by: Lydia Razran Stone. 25:22 March.

Dictionary of Aeronautics and Space Technology: English-Russian. Authors: Henri Goursau and Nikolai Novitchkov. Publisher: Saint-Orens de-Gameville, France: Editions H. Goursau. Publication date: 1994. ISBN: 2-904105-05-0. Price: $78.50. 25:24 March.

English-Russian/Russian-English Dictionary (Revised and Expanded Edition)

Author: compiled by Kenneth Katzner. Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 605 Third Avenue, New York, NY, 1158-0012, (212) 850-6249; fax: (212) 850-6088. Publication date: 1994. ISBN: 0-471-01707-8. Price: $32.50. Reviewed by: James F. Shipp. 25:25 March.

Midland Group English-Chinese Dictionary of Finance

Author: J. S. Adams & T. I. Mathieson. Publisher: AMCD (Publishers) Ltd. Hong Kong University Press. Publication date: 1991. ISBN: 0-9515066-2-5. Price: $25. Reviewed by: Heping Shi. 25:27 April.

European Charts of Accounts With English Translation (French, German, and Spanish - English). Authors: Compiled and translated by Chris Percival, Peter Donaghy, and John Laidler. Publisher: Flambard (European) Ltd., Durham, England. Publication date: 1994 (reprinted with minor corrections in 1995). ISBN: 0-9507949-4-5. Price: $119, including postage and packing (or $65.00 for German section only). Reviewed by: Marian S. Greenfield, with the German section of the European Charts of Accounts reviewed by Frank Schramm, March 1996. Available from: Flambard (European) Ltd., Beacon Hill, High Street, Low Pittington, Durham, DH6 1 BE, England, (011) 44-191-372 2333; fax: (011) 44-191-372445. 25:29 May.

Dictionary of Financial and Stock Market Terminology

(English-French/French-English). Author: Christopher Freeland. Publisher: Christopher Freeland, 3, rue du Grand-Puits, 41100 Villemardy, France; Publication date: 1995. ISBN: 0-9649676-0-X. Price: $115 (U.S.). Reviewed by: Marian S. Greenfield, with the German section of the European Charts of Accounts reviewed by Frank Schramm. Available in the U.S. from: i.b.d. Ltd., 24 Hudson Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106, (518)758-1411; fax: (518) 758-1959. 25:29 May.

Dictionnaire Financier Anglais-Français

Authors: V. Whettem-Leysen & J. Stewart Adams. Publisher: AMCD (Publishers) LTD., Cheshire, England. ISBN: 0-9515066-3-3. Price: $15 (U.S.), 15.00 (Europe). Reviewed by: Marian S. Greenfield, with the German section of the European Charts of Accounts reviewed by Frank Schramm. Available from: in the U.S. for $25 from i.b.d. Ltd., 24 Hudson Street, Kinderhook, NY 12106, (518)758-1411; fax: (518) 758-1959. Available in Europe for 15.00 (volume discounts available for 2 or more copies) from AMCD Publishers LTD., P.O. Box 182, Altrincham, Cheshire, England, WA15 9UA, tel/fax: (44) 161-0161-434-5105. (English to the following languages also available at the above-mentioned prices: Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Spanish). 25:29 May.

German Technical Dictionary/Universal-Wörterbuch der Technik Englisch, Volume/Band 1, German-English/Deutsch-Englisch. Authors: Project Manager: Susanne Jordans, Managing Editor: Sinda López. Publisher: Routledge Reference, London and New York.

Publication date: 1996. ISBN: 0-415-11209-5. Price: $150; $275 for Volumes 1 and 2 (English-German) as a set. Reviewed by: Nicholas Hartmann. 25:29: June.

Wörterbuch der industriellen Technik/Dictionary of Engineering and Technology, Volume I, German-English.Author: Dr.-Ing. Richard Ernst. Publisher: Oscar Brandstetter Verlag, Wiesbaden, 5th ed. Publication date: 1989. Price: List price $135.00 in the 1994 i.b.d. catalog. 25:30 June

Universal-Wörterbuch der Technik - Englisch/German Technical Dictionary, Vol. 2, English-German. Publisher: Routledge, London and New York. Publication date: 1996. ISBN: 0-415-11210-9. Reviewed by: Olaf Bexhoeft. 25:30 June.

Oxford English Minidictionary. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1995. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:32 July.

Oxford Minireference Dictionary and Thesaurus. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1995. Price: $6.95. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:32 July.

The Oxford Latin Minidictionary. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1995. Price: $6.95. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:32 July.

The Little Oxford Guide to English Usage. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1994. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

Little Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1994. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Quotations. Publisher: Oxford University Press, (3rd edition). Publication date: 1994. Price: $9.95. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

Oxford Desk Dictionary: American Edition. Author: edited by Lawrence Urdang. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1995. Price: $13.95. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

Oxford Desk Thesaurus: American Edition. Author: edited by Lawrence Urdang. Publisher: Oxford University Press. Publication date: 1995. Price: $13.95. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

Concise Oxford Dictionary of Current English. Publisher: Oxford University Press, (9th edition). Publication date: 1995. Reviewed by: Lois Feuerle. 25:33 July.

Bilingual Glossary for Medical and Health Care Translators: Oncology, Hematology, and Radiotherapy, English-Spanish-English. Authors: Verónica S. Albin and María T. Coggins. Publisher: PCM Translation Resources, 8518 Neff, Houston, TX 77036. Publication date: 1994. ISBN: 0-9643516-0-9; Vol 1 0-9643516-1-7 Price: $35. Reviewed by: Clove Lynch. 25:31 Aug.

Spanish-English Glossary of Public Health Terms. Publisher: Pan American Health Office Field Office (PAHO), 6006 N. Mesa St., Ste. 600, El Paso, Texas, (915) 581-6645; fax: (915) 833-4768. Publication date: 1991. Price: $15 soft-cover from PAHO. Reviewed by: Verónica S. Albin. 25:32 Aug.

Fachwörterbuch der Kfz-Technik. Author: Dr. Peter A. Schmitt. Publisher: Ernst Klett Verlag für Wissen und Bildung, Stuttgart and Dresden. German-English; English-German. Publication date: 1992. ISBN: 3-12-517811-8. Price: DM 296. Reviewed by: Karen Williams. 25:32 Sept.

Aeronautical English/Wörter- und Handbuch der Luftfahrt. Author: Alfred Oppermann. Publisher: Aeronautischer Verlag Oppermann, Baldham. Publication date: 1990. ISBN: 3-9801227-4-3. Price: DM 99. Reviewed by: Frank Dietz. Available from: http://www.telebuch.de/de/index.htm. 25:32 Sept.

Luftfahrt-Definitionen, Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Englisch/Glossary of Aeronautical Terms, English-German, German-English. Author: Roderich Cescotti. Publisher: Motorbuch-Verlag, Stuttgart. Publication date: 1993 (second printing of the completely revised edition of 1987). ISBN: 3-613-01167-0. Price: DM 48. Reviewed by: Frank Dietz. Available from: http://www.telebuch.de/de/index.htm. 25:33 Sept.

Aerospace-Wörterbuch. Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch, Englisch. Author: Roderich Cescotti. Publisher: Motorbuch-Verlag, Stuttgart. Publication date: 1994. ISBN: 3-613-01536-6 Price: DM 59. Reviewed by: Frank Dietz. Available from: http://www.telebuch.de/de/index.htm. 25:33 Sept.

The Translator's Handbook 1997. Author: Morry Sofer. Publisher: Schreiber Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 2142, Rockville MD 20847, (301) 816-0557; E-mail: spbooks@aol.com. Publication date: 1996. ISBN: 1-887563-22-9. Price: $24.95 in paperback. Reviewed by: Sharlee Merner Bradley. 25:33 Oct.

Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, 25th edition of Stedman's Medical Dictionary. Publication date: 1990 (DOS version), 1994 (Windows). Available from: Version 1.5 for DOS, Windows and Macintosh on four floppies, Williams and Wilkins (800-527-5597) for $79.95. Reviewed by: DOS version by Sharlee Merner Bradley, Macintosh version by Albert G. Bork. 25:33 Oct.

French Dictionary of Business, Commerce and Finance French-English/English-French. Publisher: Routledge: London and New York. Publication date: 1996. ISBN: SBN 0-415-09394-5. Price: $99.95 in hardback. To be released on CD-ROM and diskette for $125 in late 1996. Reviewed by: Lillian Clementi. 25:40 Nov/Dec.

International Business Dictionary CD-ROM: English-French-Russian-Czech. Author: Edited by Prof. Georges Anderla. Publisher: Institute of Economic Science at Charles University: Prague. Price: $348. Reviewed by: Steve Vitek. 25:42 Nov/Dec.

Humor And Translation By Mark Herman

Not Quite Bilingual. 25:33 Jan.
Not Quite Bilingual: Part II. 25:33 Feb.
The Jumping Frog. 25:29 March.
When It's Not What You Say, but How You Say It, or Sing It. 25:32 April.
When It's Hard to Avoid Being Funny in English. 25:34 May.
How Do I Mistranslate Thee? Let Me Count the Ways. 25:34 June.
Cultural Crosses. 25:36 July.
Untranslatable Words. Mark Herman. 25:36 Aug.
Traduttore Traditore! The Ultimate Translation into English. 25:37 Sept.
All the Pneus That're Fit to Print. 25:40 Oct.
Humor and Technical Translation. 25:46 Nov./Dec.

Letters to the Editor

Response to Jon Johanning's Letter in September Issue. Alex Gross. 25:6 Jan.

Call to Translators (help women survivors of war in Bosnia and Croatia). Anne Maria Mitchell. 25:5 Jan.

A Moving Experience. Milagros Giacosa de Chapital. 25:5 Jan.

Collections Services Feedback. Gabe Bokor. 25:6 May.

More Wild Clauses (response to Jon Johanning's Feb. article). George D. Sheehan. 25:8 May.

Well Done! (response to Regional Conference in Washington DC). Sedef Olcer. 25:15 Aug.

NAJIT Online Resource. David Mintz. 25:6 Sept.

Errors and Omissions. Cesar Tavares. 25:10 Nov./Dec.

Errors and Omissions: A Response. Laura McCormick. 25:10 Nov./Dec.

Responses to Review of the Translators Handbook. Sharlee Merner Bradley. 25:12 Nov./Dec.


The Missing Middle. Alan Melby. 25:6 July.

Translation Inquirer by John Decker

25:31 Jan.
25:31 Feb.
25:27 March.
25:28 April.
25:30 May.
25:32 June.
25:34 July.
25:34 Aug.
25:35 Sept.
25:38 Oct.
25:44 Nov./Dec.

New Active Members

25:37 January

English/Portuguese: Carlos Ludolf Luck, Gorham, ME.
French/English: Karen Olson-Carli, Rome, Italy.
French/English: Nicole Karen Efros, New York, NY.
Portuguese/English: Carlos Olavo Quandt, Los Angeles, CA.
Spanish/English: Carlos H. Gutierrez, Washington, DC.

25:30 February

English/Finnish: Risto Siikarla, Boca Raton, FL;
English/French: Beckmance Didy Behi, Gainesville, GA; Thierry Chambon, Grinnell, IA; Yvan Hennecart, Arlington, VA; Isabelle Hernandez, Austin, TX; and Mylne Vialard, Eldorado Springs, CO.
English/German: Marga Luise Hannon, Saltspring Island, BC, Canada; Ingrid Hurtubise, Huntsville, AL.
English/Polish: Tomasz Poplawski, Chicago, IL.
English/Portuguese: Paulo C. Camargo, Campinas, SP, Brazil; Ruth Ferszt, Washington, DC.
English/Russian: Albert Gaisinsky, Chicago, IL; Natalia S. Kissock, Morris, MN.
English/Spanish: Xochitl D. Diaz, El Paso, TX; Gonzalo Gonzalez-Pumariega, Miami, FL; Guillermo Martinez, Miami, FL; Gerardo Tom S. Rojas, Litchfield, CT; Ivan A. Zagarra, Bogota, Colombia.
French/English: Cindy Hope Brown, Seaside, CA; Stephanie Joan Mitchel, San Francisco, CA; Christopher Sharp, Brussels, Belgium; and Barbara E. Stark, Milwaukee, WI.
German/English: Sigrid E. Elenga, Bellevue, WA; Geoffrey S. Koby, Kent, OH.
Japanese/English: Jackie Miyasaka, New York, NY.
Spanish/English: Thomas L. West, Atlanta, GA.

25:26 March

English/Portuguese: Reginaldo de Assis Alcantara, Miami, FL; Regina Helena Alfarano, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Clare E. Charity, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Regina Cardoso Da Silva, North Miami Beach, FL; Aleluia Simoes Godfrey, Davie, FL; Lècia C. Leao, Deerfield Beach, FL; and Isabel Maria C. Monteiro, Estoril, Portugal.

Renewed active membership status: Françoise Pointeau, English>French; George F. French, Russian>English.
Active membership status: Ivo Reznicek, Czech,Slovak<>English.
Corresponding membership status: Uwe Muegge, English>German

25:38 April

English/Spanish: Veronica Geller, Houston, TX.
French/English: William R. Crochetiere, Pittsburgh, PA.
Portuguese/English: Clare E. Charity, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Active membership status: Jie(Jessie) Lu, English<>Chinese.

Renewed active membership status: Helga F. Gerlinger-Taylor, German>English.

25:27 May

Active membership status: Jiri Stejskal, Czech<>English; Wolf Markowitz, Yiddish/Hebrew<>English.

25:27 June

English/Finnish: Anita S. Metsarinne-Garvey, Arlington, VA.
English/French: Michle F. Landis, Bowie, MD.
English/Russian: Galina Natenzon, Basking Ridge, NJ.
English/Spanish: Josebe Bilbao-Henry-Debueno, Washington DC; Daniela Garaiz, Seattle, WA.
French/English: Max Samuel Albertson, Norman, OK; Janine Coates, Seattle, WA; Mary Elizabeth Eady, Victoria, BC, Canada; Cecile Heatley, McLean, VA; Virginia L. Leal, Maynard, MA; Julie Rebecca Saval, Brighton, MA; Sandra C. Strubbe, Yorktown Heights, NY; Melissa Meier Tarkki, Seattle, WA; and Eugene Y. Weissman, Seattle, WA.
German/English: Paul D. Beason, Brooklyn, NY; Karin Tuleen Dunn, Woodbridge, VA; and Angelika Gary, Dallas, TX.
Russian/English: Paul W. Merriam, Junction City, KS.

Active membership status: Dag Forssell, Christine Forssell, and Staffan Johansson, Swedish<>English.

Corresponding membership status: Elisabeth Forssell, Swedish<>English.

25:8 July

English/French: Helene L. Johnson, Ridgewood, NJ; Cesar Rouben, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
English/German: Frieda Gordon Dilloo, Berkeley, CA; Joachim Freier, Port Townsend, WA; Monika Goebel, Flushing, NY; and Dieter K. Tietz, Wetumpka, AL.
English/Italian: Berto Berti, Stamford, CT.
English/Japanese: Chie Hamaguchi Rubinstein, Carmel, CA.
English/Russian: Arkady G. Zilberman, Powell, OH.
French/English: Martin G. Hoffman, San Francisco, CA; Lucia A. Holloway, Marietta, GA; Andrene C. Hyatt, Monterey, CA; Heather A. Jones, Columbia, MD; Nancy Dean Kelly, Monterey, CA.
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Cross-Cultural Translation

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In-house Translation

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Public Relations

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Entertainment Industry/Media

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Transylvanian Saxon

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Internet Resources

Europe's Gift to Translators (European Community's online databank EUROPDICAUTOM www.ech.lu). Sidney E. Dean. 25:27 Feb.

Machine Translation

Machine Translation: The Efficient Tool for Volume Translation. But, What about the Translator? Alejandra Koval. 25:18 July.

Spanish Medical Translators Don't Get Headaches. Verónica Albin. 25:24 Aug.

Problem Solving

What to Do When Your Computer Crashes. Sedef Olcer. 25:17 Oct.


A Computerized Solution to Project Management: SureTrak Project Manager. Sedef Olcer. 25:8 May.

Software Reviews. Alicia Gordon. 25:20 July.

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Terminology Standards and Standards for Terminology. Sue Ellen Wright. 25:22 June.

How to Handle Proper Names in Scientific and Technical Translation (with reference to English and German). Prof. Dr. Rosemarie Gläser. 25:31 June.

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