Chronicle 1995 Index



ALTA Conference Report(Albuquerque, New Mexico). Ronnie Apter. 24:8 Jan.
Conference Update: What Does It Mean, Herr Professor. Peter Krawutschke, Walter Bacak. 24:11-12. March
Conference Update: Getting There! Peter Krawutschke. 24:7-8 May
Conference Update: Nashville Connections. Peter Krawutschke. 24:6 June
Conference Update: Nashville Pre-Conference Seminars 24:9 July
Conference Update: Nashville. Patty Doll, Hideki Ishii. 24:8 Aug.
Conference Update: Connections. 24:13-14 Sept.
Conference Recap: 36th Annual Conference. 24:10-11. Nov./Dec.
Conference Recap: Third Annual Forum for Spanish Translators. Mike Stacy. 24:12 Nov./Dec.
Conference Recap: Legal Translation From Spanish: A Lawyer's Perspective. Alicia Agnese. 24:12 Nov./Dec.
Conference Recap: Online FLEFO Demo. Per N. Dohler, Alicia Gordon. 24:14 Nov./Dec.
Conference Recap: "Back To Basics" Mercedes Pellet. 24:14-15 Nov./Dec.

1995 ATA Election:

Revising ATA's Bylaws. Peter Krawutschke. 24:15,16 March
Articles of Incorporation. 24:15-23 Sept.
Administrative Procedures for Professional Ethics Proceedings. 24:23-25 Sept.
Candidates Statements. 24:26-30 Sept.
1995 ATA Election Results. 24:8 Nov./Dec.

ATA Board of Directors Communique:

March Meeting. 24:7 April
July Meeting. 24:10 Sept.
FIT Update. Steve Sachs 24:26 July


AIDS and Languages in the Nineties. Ted Crump. 24:12 Feb.


Internet--It's the Cat's Meow. Bill Grimes. 24:25 Jan.
"Virtual Workshops" Planned for Compuserve. Grace Leonard. 24:27 Feb.
The World Wide Web and ATA. Alex Gross. 24:22 April


Update Your Spanish Dictionary. Sharlee M. Bradley; Review. 24:26-27 Jan.
Bilingual Court Glossaries. Angela McEwan-Alvarado; Review. 24:27 Jan.
Dictionary of 5,000 Phrasal (and Idiomatic) Verbs English to Spanish. Angela McEwan-Alvarado; Review. 24:27 Jan.
Routledge French Technical Dictionary/ Dictionnaire technique anglais. Volume 1 reviewed by Sharlee M. Bradley, Volume 2 reviewed by Virginia Fox; Review. 24:28-29 Feb.
Renewable Energy Dictionary. John Armstrong, Sharlee M. Bradley; Review. 24:29 Feb.
Dictionary and Reference Guide: Bulgarian, Serbian, and Croatian. Paul Makinen; Review. 24:19 March
Dictionary and Reference Guide: Russian. Kevin Hendzel; Review. 24:20-22 March
Dictionary and Reference Guide: Czech and Slovak. Radovan Pletka; Review. 24:26 March
The Interpreter's Prescription: A Training Program for Spanish/English Medical Interpreting. Isabel Guerra McSpadden; Review. 24:32 March
Wiley's English/Spanish and Spanish/English Legal Dictionary. Marian S. Greenfield; Review. 24:32 May
Dicionario Juridico(Legal Dictionary). Clifford L. Elow; Review. 24:32 May
Electronics and Telecommunications Vocabulary-Terminology Bulletin 207. Michele Morainvillers; Review. 24:26 August
Graphic Arts Vocabulary-Terminology Bulletin 210. Michele Morainvillers; Review. 24:26 August
Woods' Illustrated English-Russian Petroleum Technology Dictionary. Vadim Khazin; Review. 24:34 Sept.
THIEME leximed: Medical Dictionary English-German. Per N. Dohler; Review. 24:35 Sept.
Fachworterbuch Mikroelektronik English-German/German-English. Suzanne Friis Gagliardi; Review. 24:36 Sept.
Dictionary of Food Technology(English-German). Judith E. Taddeo; Review. 24:36-37 Sept.
Fachworterbuch/Technik und angewandte Wissenschaften German/English. Lois Feuerle; Review. 24:38 Sept.
Pictoral Hungarian-English Dictionary. Catherine Bokor; Review. 24:34 Oct.
The Oxford-Duden Pictorial Thai and English Dictionary. Joan L. Wallace; Review. 24:29-30 Nov./Dec.
Elsevier's Dictionary of Biometry. Sharlee M. Bradley; Review. 24:30 Nov./Dec.


A Snail's Pace is Still Progress. Leslie Willson. 24:3 Jan.
Change. Walter Bacak. 24:3 March
Bylaws and the Big Picture. Walter Bacak. 24:3 April
ATA's Certification Program. Walter Bacak. 24:3 May
Active Membership Review: The Alternative Route to Active Membership. Walter Bacak. 24:3,14 June


Public Relations. Walter Bacak. 24:3 July
Board Meetings. Walter Bacak. 24:3 Aug.
ATA Membership. Walter Bacak. 24:3,33 Sept.
Connections. Walter Bacak. 24:3 Oct.
Conference Recap and Naming Names. Walter Bacak 24:3,8 Nov./Dec.


Hats Off to Literary Translators. Edith Losa. 24:4 Jan.
Translation Technicalities. Edith Losa. 24:4 Feb.
Volunteers and ATA's Future. Edith Losa. 24:4 March
Immigration vs. Education. Edith Losa. 24:4 April
The Trouble with Commas, Periods, Quotation Marks, and Apostrophes. Edith Losa. 24:4 May
Terminology: And the Search Goes On. Edith Losa. 24:4 June
Tools of the Trade. Edith Losa. 24:4 July
ATA's Government. Edith Losa. 24:4 Aug.
ATA Election 1995. Edith Losa. 24:4 Sept.
Client Education, the In-House Way. Edith Losa. 24:4 Oct.
In Transit. Peter Krawutschke. 24:4 Nov./Dec.
Conference Semantics. Edith Losa(Past President). 24:5 Nov./Dec.


How to Talk to and About ATA. Peter Krawutschke (President-elect). 24:5 Aug.
The Nashville Voice. Peter Krawutschke (President-elect). 24:5,22 Sept.


Medical Interpreting. Anna Stepanova. 24:10 March
If You Build it They Will Come: An Update on Interpreter Continuing Education in California. Holly Mikkelson. 24:14 March
Internships: An Important Component of Translator Education. Anne Cordero. 24:12. April
New ATA Translator and Interpreter Survey to be Published. William M. Park. 24:13 April
The Dilemma of Professionalism in American Translation Studies. Marilyn G. Rose. 24:10-11 April
An Interview with Lois Feuerle. Ingrid G. Lansford. 24:11-12 Sept.

Public Perception and Client Education:

Dealing with the Conflict: Tips for the Freelance Translator. Mercedes Pellet. 24:10,12 Oct.
On Creating a Business...Not a Beast: An Interview with Michael R. Cardenas. Julia E. Johnson. 24:13-15 Oct.
Investing in the Future: Educating the Young Public. Sedef Olcer 24:21 Oct.


Translators Ruled Independent Contractors in Maier vs. Colorado Department of Labor Case. Jane E. Maier. 24:9-10 June
The System is Broken but will Brokers Fix It? Ann G. Macfarlane. 24:9-10 Aug.
How's Your Congruity Judgment? An Interview with Dr. Eduardo C. Cascallar. Lillian Clementi. 24:11-13 Aug.
National Endowment for the Humanities Awards Translation Grants. Ann G. Macfarlane. 24:14-15. Aug.


Spanish and German Translation Mishaps. 24:30 Feb.
"Traduttore Traditore." 24:33 March
German Humorist Christian Morgenstern. 24:26 April
"I've Got A Little List!" 24:33 May
How It Begins. 24:35 June
Censorship! 24:32 July
Censorship! Part Two. 24:31 Aug.
More Morgenstern. 24:41 Sept.
Odds and Ends. 24:37 Oct.
Censorship! Part Three. 24:33 Nov./Dec.


Romancing the Text. Ana Farias. 24:30 Jan.


The Accidental Translator. Nicholas Hartmann. 24:8-9 Feb.
An Interpreter's Checklist. Izumi Suzuki. 24:7 March
The Hutch Model: Team Interpreting. Lisa Scheuer-Sturgeon. 24:8 March

Medical Terminology:

Interpreting in a Critical Care Situation: The Case of Cancer Patients. Jochen Liesche. 24:27-28 March


Partners in Quality. Susan Davis. 24:13 March



Bahasa Indonesia: Between FAQs and Facts. Johannes Tan. 24:19-20 Nov./Dec.
The Scope of the Korean Language. Paik Cook. 24:22-23 Nov./Dec.
Vietnamese - The Emerging Language. Olivia O. Ly-Pieknik. 24:24-25 Nov./Dec.


Thirty-five Years as a Chinese Translator/Interpreter: An Interview with Sidney Rittenberg. Sandra Bonifacio. 24:14-15 April
Questions and Answers on Translations in Chinese. Gloria Wong. 24:16-18 April
The Chinese Character for "Big Bird." Alex Gross. 24:19 April


Focus On French. Betty Howell. 24:20-21 Aug.
Close Up: An Interview With Arthur Goldhammer. Amanda Pingree. 24:16-19 Aug.


Dutch for Translators of German. Thomas L. West III. 24:25-27 Oct.
Patent Glossary: German to English. Jan M. Clayberg. 24:13-15 May


Ambiguity in Japenese. Gregor Hartmann. 24:14 Feb.
A Unique T&I Program. Ryoko Y. Winter 24:15 Feb.
Translation Markets in the United States and Japan. James L. Davis. 24:16,36 Feb.
Brush Up Your Sight Translation Skills. Miho Kite. 24:18 Feb.
It's the Translation Costs, Right? Gerry Gooding. 24:18 Feb.
Resources for Japanese-English Translators. John Bukacek, Alan Gleason, Miho Kite, Jeanine Nelson-Takaki, and Connie Prener. 24:19,36 Feb.


A Survival Reference Kit for the Italian Translator. Riccardo Schiaffino. 24:22-24 Oct.
Credit Where Credit Is Due. Bob Taylor. 24:29-31 Oct.
Posting, Backup, and Other Italian Words. Corrado Camera, Alessia
Petrucci, and Riccardo Schiaffino. 24:32-33 Oct.

Middle Eastern:

Hebrew vs. Arabic: A Family Feud. J.C. Sager. 24:20-21 July
Specialized Arabic Dictionaries. John Hinton. 24:22-24 July
The Arabic Translators Library. Shuckran Kamal. 24:27 July
Practical Information on Turkish. Sedef Olcer. 24:28-29 July


The ATA Portuguese Language Division: A Success Story. Edna Ditaranto. 24:24 June
The Portuguese Languages: Oh, What's the Difference? Mario Ferreira. 24:25-28 June
Some Useful Resources For Portuguese Translators. J. Henry Phillips. 24:29-30 June


Scandinavians and Their Languages. Jane K. Kjems. 24:19-21 May
Resources for Swedish Translators. Thomas L. West III. 24:22-23 May
Swedish Abbreviations and Acronyms. Thomas L. West III. 24: 24 May
Little Doodads and Other Norwegian Characteristics. Irene Berman. 24:26-27 May


How it All Began: A Personal Look at the Origin of the Russian Language Division. Susana Greiss. 24:17 March
Ukrainian - An Emerging Market? Igor Vesler. 24:23 March


Computadora vs. Ordenador. Mercedes Edgerton. 24:17 Jan.
On Regionalisms and Generic Spanish. Alicia S.V. Marshall. 24:16 Jan.
An Interview with Gregory Rabassa. Lillian Clementi. 24:18-19 Jan.
Know Your Market! Leticia Molinero. 24:20,32 Jan.
Spanish Translation Resources. Ron Torres. 24:21 Jan.


The Linguist's Den. Per Dohler. 24:3,32 Feb.


Want to be a Literary Translator? Get A Job! Marian Schwartz. 24:13 Jan.

Author Interviews:

Interview With Frances Karttunen. Mike Magee. 24:20-21 April

Author/translator Relations:

Our Family Motto: The Situational Ethic Rules. Peter Theroux. 24:12,32 Jan.

Book Reviews:

Vasily Peskov, Lost in the Taiga. Ingrid Lansford; Review. 24:14 Jan.
Beatrice Saubin, The Ordeal: My Ten Years in a Malaysian Prison. Lee K. Curtis; Review. 24:14 Jan.
Roberto Sosa, The Common Grief. Angela McEwan; Review. 24:14 Jan.
Michael Kruger, Himmelfarb. Ingo R. Stoehr; Review. 24:14 Jan.

Translation Difficulty:

Retranslating Saint-John Perse on a Sound Basis. Christophe Wall-Romana. 24:10-11 Jan.


Masking the Translation of the Common Eye. Lee K. Curtis. 24:7 Jan.
One Member's Wish List. Tom Snow. 24:7 Feb.
Making Lemonade. R. Michael Conner. 24:5 March
The Fight for Finnish Certification. Douglas Robinson. 24:6,34 July
What Kind of ATA? Gabe Bokor. 24:6-7 Sept.
Every Translator Needs the ATA. Morry Schreiber. 24:5 Oct.
To be or not to be...A Member. Tony Roder. 24:7 Oct.
The Translators. Amy E. Schwartz. 24:7 Nov./Dec.


Ten Years that Changed The Perception of the Translator. Alex Gross. 24:16-17 Nov/Dec.
The Bureau-Freelancer Relationship. Henry Fischbach. 24:16-17,31 Oct.
Zen and the Art of Project Management: The Key to Quality Translation. Kirk Anderson. 24:18,31 Oct.


On Technology, Translation and Kangaroos. Kevin Hendzel. 24:20-21 Feb.
The Shoebox, Release 2.2. Ben Teague. 24:10 Feb.
Software Review (IBM Personal Translator Manager). Tony Roder, Michele Campmas. Review. 24:34 Feb.

Translation Tools:

A New Way to Look at Machine Translation. Michael Tacelosky. 24:10-11 July
About the Association for Machine Translation in the Americas. Muriel Vasconcellos. 24:12 July
An Interview with Alan Melby: The Case of the Missing Accent: Whatever Happened to Unicode? Lillian Clementi. 24:13-15 July
Speech Recognition Technology. Beverly Cox. 24:16-17 July
Commercially Available PC-MT Products List. Chris Miller. 24:18-19 July


Managing Terminology Across Many Languages. Gerhard Obenaus. 24:7-8,28,34 June
TermNet: Where the Action is in Terminology Management. Sue Ellen Wright. 24:11-13 June
Terminology Commitment Update. Sue Ellen Wright. 24:13 June
Terminology Work from the Publisher's Point of View. Marie-Jeanne Derouin. 24:15-16 June
Translation and Terminology. J.C. Sager. 24:17-18 June
An Interview with Patricia Newman: Passing the Torch. R. Michael Conner, Lee Curtis 24:20-23 June

Business and Legal Translation:

Internationalization and Translatability. David Kumhyr, Carla Merrill, and Karin Spalink. 24:9-11 May
A Nonobvious Patent Glossary: Patentese Decoded. Jan M. Clayberg. 24:12,15 May
In Search of the Right Equivalent for Legal Terms: Bridging the Gap or Creating False Expectations? Silvia M. Slack. 24:16-18 May