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ATA Austin Conference '94 Update. 23:5 Jan.
Austin Conference Update. 23:5 Feb.
Austin Update. 23:5 March
Austin Update. 23:5 April
Update. 23:5 May
Update. 23:5 June
Update. 23:5 July
Update. 23:4 Aug.
Update. 23:4 Sept.

ATA Annual Conference Report

1994 Austin Conference: The Last Word? Mike Magee. 23:8 Nov./Dec.
ATA Prize Winners. 23:10
ATA Chronicle Sessions. R. Michael Conner, Lee K. Curtis. 23:11 Nov./Dec.
ATA Division & Committee Goals for 1995. 23:26-228 Nov./Dec.
How Many Translators and Interpreters? Alex Gross. 23:31 Nov./Dec.

Division Reports

Chapters Committee Meeting. Jana Bundy. 23:30 Nov./Dec.
1994 Japanese Language Division Business Meeting. Ken Wagner. 23:30 Nov./Dec.
Russian Languages Division Activities in Austin. Ann G. Macfarlane. 23:30-31 Nov./Dec.

Keynote Address

Excerpts From: Translators and Interpreters in America: The Road to Respectability. Harry Obst. 23:24-25 Nov./Dec.

Sessions Summaries

Workshop on Translator Resources. Laurie Treuhaft. 23:14 Nov./Dec.
The Second Spanish Forum: Another Lesson in Humility. Veronica Albin. 23:14-15 Nov./Dec.
All the People I Ever Wanted to Meet I Met in the Hyatt Hotel Lounge. Jackie Noh. 23:15-16 Nov./Dec.
Marketing Workshop. Janice Becker. 23:16 Nov./Dec.
Contracts and Freelance Translator. Anne Vincent. 23:16-17 Nov./Dec.
Report on the Russian Business Terminology Workshop. Bob Taylor. 23:17-18 Nov./Dec.
Belly Laughs at the Russains and Ourselves. Bill Keasbey. 23:18 Nov./Dec.
From "Publisher's Paradise" to the "Death of Culture?" Ann Macfarlane. 23:18-19 Nov./Dec.
Sci-tech Tour Report. Patricia Bobeck. 23:19 Nov./Dec.
Brewery Tour. Ben Teague. 23:20 Nov./Dec.
Heart Talk: A Terminology Stroll Through the Human Heart. Christian M. Randolph. 23:20 Nov./Dec.
Conceptual and Terminological Aspects of Chemical Engineering. Lillian Clementi. 23:20-21 Nov./Dec.
IBM Personal Dictation System. Carolyn Quintero. 23:21 Nov./Dec.
How to Use a Modem. Marian Greenfield. 23:21-22 Nov./Dec.
Medical Terminology for Spanish Translators and Interpreters. Alicia Agnese. 23:22 Nov./Dec.

Miscellaneous Sessions

Newsletter Editors Luncheon. Lee K. Curtis. 23:22 Nov./Dec.
The Networking Session: An Absolute Success. Ana Recio Harvey. 23:22-23 Nov./Dec.


February Board Meeting. 23:20 May
July Board Meeting. 23:9 Sept.
'94 ATA Conference Communiques. 23:32 Nov./Dec.


Ethics Committee: I Can't Get My Money! Peter Wheeler. 23:32 March
Active Membership Review Report. Josephine Thornton. 23:33 March
Public Relations Study Group. Alex Gross. 23:33 March
JNCL Report. Peter Krawutschke. 23:32 April
Treasurer's Box. Seth Reames. 23:32 June
Active Membership Review Report. Josephine Thornton. 23:32 June
Interim Report on PR Committee. Alex Gross. 23:33 June
PR Committee Report Update. Alex Gross. 23:32 July
Treasurer's box: Association's Year in Review. Seth Reames. 23:32 Sept.
Active Membership Review Report. Josephine Thornton. 23:32 Sept.
ATA CertificationÄPass or Fail? And How? 23:33 Sept.


Update on Presidential Activities. Edith Losa. 23:4 Jan.
Edith Losa. 23:4 Feb.
Edith Losa. 23:4 March
Edith Losa. 23:4 April
ATA Elections 1994. Edith Losa. 23:4 June
The Maturing of MAT. 23:4 July
The In-house Way. 23:5 Aug.
Is the Government Trying to Kill the Translator Industry? Edith Losa. 23:5 Oct.
Conference Recap. Edith Losa. 23:4 Nov./Dec.


23:32 Feb.


Carolina Association of Translators and Interpreters. 23:24 Jan.
Austin Area Translators and Interpreters Association. 23:24 Feb.
The Translators and Interpreters Guild. 23:24 April
SETI. 23:22 May
The Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association. 22:24 June
New Mexico Translators and Interpreters Association. 23:22 Aug.
New York Circle of Translators. 23:24 Sept.
Society for Federal Linguists. 23:24 Oct.


ATA Redux (call for regional representation of board members). Tony Roder. 23:22-23 July
Redux Soup. Tony Roder. 23:20-21 Aug.
ATA Redux: A Progress Report. Tony Roder. 23:23 Nov./Dec.


Tic Tac Toe. Alan Melby. 23:8,27 July
Localization Tools. Jan Pfefferkorn. 23:13,31 July
Thought Processes. Per N. Dohler 23:14,33 July
A Short Course in Macrology. Alfred Hellstern. 23:15 July
The Day I Took my Modem Home. Daniel Hardman. 23:18,38 July
The Cost of Software for Translators. Mark Berry. 23:19,39 July
FLEFO for Info-FLEFO for Fun. William J. Grimes. 23:24,39 July

Machine Translation

The Next Wave of MT Publicity. Alex Gross. 23:16,35 July
Running On MT? Karin Spalink. 23:17,36 July

Computers in T/I Training The Role of Computers in Translator Training. Miguel Candel, Sarah Litzer. 23:23 June.


Who Are the Cybernauts? Bill Grimes. 23:38 Nov./Dec.


Literary Translation:

Works Useful in Literary Translation. Review. 23:29 Jan.
Elsevier's Dictionary of Science and Technology Russian-English. Lydia Stone; Review. 23:28-29 Feb.
A Dictionary for the Petroleum Industry. Patricia Bobeck; Review. 23:29,36 Feb.
The Interpreters EdgeÄturbo Supplement: Advanced Exercises in Court Interpreting. Isabel McSpadden, Vivian Agosto; Review. 23:28-29 March
Using French Synonyms. Christophe Wall-Romana; Review. 23:28-29 April
Wörterbuch Unterhaltungselektronik. J.C. Cantrell; Review. 23:29,33. April
Fagordbog: danskÄengelsk and Fagordbog: engelsk-dansk (glossary of Business, Economic, and Legel Terms: Danish-English and English-Danish. Robert T. Creutz; Review. 23:26 May
Risk Insurance Reinsurance. Gabrielle de Ansari; Review. 23:27 May
CEDEFOP Multilingual Thesaurus of Vocational Training. Review; 23:29 June
English-Russian Dictionary of Economics and Finance. Robert Taylor. Review. 23:28-29 July
Vocabulaire des matières dangereuses utilisées au travail Bulletin de terminologie 215. Michel Meunier; Review. 23:24 Aug.
Lexique de l'emploi Employment Glossary. Cheryl A. Fain; Review. 23:25 Aug.
Stedman's dictionario de ciencais médicas. Clove Lynch; Review. 23:28 Sept.
A Milestone in Lexicography: The Oxford Hachette French Dictionary. Sharlee Bradley. Review. 23:28 Oct.
Dictionaire d'informatique anglais-français (A-Z) (IBM-9th Edition). Georgette Joubert. Review. 23:34 Nov./Dec.
Informatics Glossary: Terminology Bulletin 225 English-French French-English. Georgette Joubert. Review. 23:34-35 Nov./Dec.
Peter Newmark, Paragraphs on Translation. Fritz Hansey. Review. 23:35 Nov./Dec.

Book Reviews

A Practical Guide for Translators. Mike Magee. Review. 23:28-29 June


Terminology and Translation at Kent. Sue Ellen Wright. 23:28 Jan.


Lee K. Curtis. 23:3 Jan.
Derick Fajardo. 23:3,38 Feb.
Three Thoughts. Lee K. Curtis. 23:3 March
Lee K. Curtis. 23:3 April
Michael R. Conner. 23:3,34 May
Charles M. Stacy. 23:3,36 June
The Importance of Being...Stylish. Leslie A. Willson. 23:37 July
Word Play. Julie Plovnick. 23:3,34 Aug.
Speculations in Seattle. Lee K. Curtis. 23:3 Sept.
The Care and Feeding of Your Translator. Sylvia Roder. 23:3 Oct.
I Listened, Ma! Lee K. Curtis. 23:3 Nov./Dec.


The Training of Translators in the U.S. Ine-Marie van Dam. 23:8,35 June
Whither the ATA Certification Program? William B. Cramer. 23:10 June
A Look at the Certification Program in 1994. Submitted by Certification Committee. 23:11 June
Training and Research: The Foundation for Conference Interpretation. Barbara Moser-Mercer. 23:14-15 June
You Only Get What You Ask For. Anna Tritschler. 23:16,36 June
Faculty Standards for T&I Training Programs. William M. Park. 23:17
Graduate Professional Education for the Translator: A Possible Paradign. Andrew Hurley. 23:18,37 June
A Modest Proposal to Professionalize Training in the Pacific Northwest. Courtney Searls-Ridge 23:19 June
Why Specialize? Chris Durban. 23:20-21 June
Education or Edification? Thomas J. Snow. 23:16-17 Aug.


Tap the Talent Pool. R. Michael Conner. 23:8 Sept.
Bylaws Revise or Replace? Bernard Bierman. 23:10 Sept.
Non Residents-Aliens? Per N. Dohler. 23:12-13 Sept.
EDD-@#%&*!? Harold Moppel. 23:14-15 Sept.
Professionalizing the ATA. Alex Gross. 23:22-23 Sept.


Translation at the National Institutes of Health. Ted Crump. 23:13,35 Feb.


Walter Bacak. 23:4 May


A Simple Yes or No Would Do. Charles M. Stacy. 23:7 April


Traduttore traditore! 23:42 Nov./Dec.


Conflict of Interest Resolved. Ana Farias. 23:29 Sept.
Ana Farias. 23:32 Oct.


ATA Interpretation Committee. Christian Degueldre. 23:8 March

Community Interpreting

What is Interpreting for the Deaf. Sharon Neuman-Solow. 23:10-11 March
An International Language? Bill Moody. 23:11 March

Business of

A Business Owner's Perspective. Debbie Kanner. 23:14 March

Court Interpreting

A Day in the Life of a Court Interpreter. Marta Ochoa Wilkinson. 23:16 March
Conflict of Interest. Ana Farias. 23:18-19 March
The Injustice of Personal Loyalties. Artuto Padua. 23:19 March
Court Interpreting in California. Holly Mikkelson. 23:20-21, 36-37 March
Interpreters as Language Cops. Holly Mikkelson. 23:10-11,33 April

Conference Interpreting

Acapulco Beat. Jacki Noh. 23:17,35 March


Interview with a Technical Translator-Ralph Costa. Lee K. Curtis. 23:18-19,37 Feb.
Interview with a Conference Interpreter: Rosie Maza-Steel. John Goodale. 23:12,34-35 March
Interview with a Terminologist-C. Harald Hille. Lee K. Curtis. 23:12-13,36 April
Interview with a Financial Translator-Marian Greenfield. Lillian Clementi. 23:12,32 May
Interview with a Translator Educator-Marilyn Gaddis rose. Deborah Folaron. 23:12-13 June
Interview with a Computational Linguist-Dr. Martin Kay. Tony Roder. 23:12,27 July
Interview with a Government Aristocrat. Lillian Clementi. 20-22 Regionalism: Policy or Idealogy? Alex Gross. 23:29 Oct.
California EDD Reports. Joe Murphy. 23:30-31 Oct.


On Translating Names, Nicknames and Slavic Diminutive. Vera Borkovec. 23:32 Jan.
Romanian Orthographic Rules Change. George Plohn. 23:32 Jan.


Literary Translation for the Fun and (Little) Profit. Clifford E. Landers. 23:8 Jan.
Interview with a Literary Translator-William Rodarmor. Julie Johnson. 23:10-11,38 Jan.
Literacy Translation is the Equation of Love. Marilyn Gaddis Rose. 23:12 Jan.
A Book by Its Cover: The Translation of Titles. Gregory Rabassa. 23:13,36 Jan.
Arabic Literary Translation. Peter Theroux. 23:14-15 Jan.
Literary Translation: Penetrating the Armor. Leslie A. Wilson. 23:20-21 Jan.

The Business of Literary Translation

How Badly Do You Want to be a Literary Translator? Keith Goldsmith. 23:16 Jan.
An Agent's View. Jennifer Lyons. 23:17 Jan.
ALTA Profile: American Literary Translators Association. 23:18 Jan.


Marketing Yourself. John Glenn. 23:33 Jan.
ATA Mentor Program. Jeff Whittaker. 23:23 Feb.
The Value of Asking Questions. Matt Hammond. 23:33 May
Getting Paid. John Glenn. 23:33 Oct.
Translating Both Ways. Josephine Bacon. 23:33 Oct.


Charles Stern. 23:34 July


Changing Perceptions: A Long-Term Strategy. Alex Gross. 23:8 Aug.
Translation: The Human Utility. Mark Herman. 23:9 Aug.
Confessions of a Bureau Junkie. Jane E. Maier. 23:10 Aug.
The Invisible Translator. Robert Bononno. 23:13,21 Aug.


Everyone's Guide to Small Claims Court. Lois Feuerle; Review. 23:28-29 Aug.


NAJIT-SETI Research Project New York-May 1994. Janis Palma. 23:15,35 March


Word Processing with an Accent. Daniel Hardman; Review. 23:26-27 Aug.


Federal Court Certification. 23:22 March
State Certification. 23:22 March
Washington State Court Interpreter Certification. 23:22-23 March
Washington State DSHS Certification Requirement for Interpreters. 23:23 March
Interpreting in the State of Texas. Beatriz Bonnet. 38 March


Demystifying the ATA Sci-Tech Division. Nicholas Hartmann. 23:8-9 Feb.
Sci-Tech Translation Journal. Gabe Bokor. 23:10 Feb.
Keeping, Current, Up-To-Date, Abreast of Technical Terminology. John Goodale. 23:12 Feb.
CAT os on the [Multi-level] M(A)T. Alan Melby. 23:14-15,35 Feb.
CD-ROM for the Translator and Translation Bureau. Michael Herrera. 23:16-17 Feb.
Confessions of a Technical/Literary Translator. Scott Corrales. 23:20-21 Feb.


ATA Terminology Committee Activities. Sue Ellen Wright. 23:8,34-36 April
Hyphenitis: Take Two Style Manuals and Call Me in the Morning. Bill Cramer. 23:16 April
Translation and Terminology Management. Gerturude G. Champe. 23:17,38 April
Countries on the Verge of a Terminology Crisis. Juan C. Merlo, Translated by Alicia S. V. Marshall. 23:18-19 April
The Ten Commandments of Effective Terminology Management. Mark Berry. 23:20-21 April

Multicultural Issues

Dealing With Numbers. Mike Stacy. 23:14,37 April
English as a Second Language. Kurt Gingold. 23:22 April



Government and Translation. Joseph A. Murphy. 23:8-9 Oct.
State Department Translation Exams. Diana Rhudick. 23:10 Oct.
The Ways of Washington: Good News for the T&I Profession? Edward J. Salazar. 23:12-13 Oct.
Internal Revenue Service. Rita Interdonato. 23:15,38 Oct.
CALL: Serving the Federal Language Communities. Craig B. Miller. 23:16-17 Oct.
Volunteering-A Linguist's Dilemma. Josephine Bacon. 23:18-19 Oct.


Coudert Brothers International: A Survey. Compiled by Lee K. Curtis, Julie E. Johnson. 23:10-11 May
A Profitable Conference on Financial Translation. Summarized by Julie Plovick. 23:14,32 May
The New Jersey Code. Louis Feuerle. 23:16-17 May
Business by Any Other Name. Harvie Jordan, ABC. 23:18-19 May

Translator/Client Relations

Keeping the Client's Foreign Distributor in the Loop. Jason Wood. 23:12 Aug.
Are They Buying What You're Selling? Mercedes M. Pellet. 23:14-15 Aug.
The Client's Perspective: A Survey. Sedef Olcer. 23:18-19 Aug.
Total Quality Management Principles and Translation. Tom O'Keeffe. 23:12 Nov./Dec.


23:30-31 Jan.
23:30-31 Feb.
23:30-31 March
23:30-31 April
23:28-29 May
23:30-31 June
23:30-31 July
23:20-21 Aug.
23:26-27 Sept.
23:26-27 Oct.
23:36-37 Nov./Dec.


CUNY Offers Translation-linked M.A. Renée Waldinger. 23:22 June