Column Highlights

In this issue: January ATA Board meeting highlights; Treasurer’s Report; Language Advocacy Day; Interview with a machine translation pioneer; “Low-tech” tips for addressing OCR conversion issues in PDFs

  • P—MA2017

    Building Upon a Strong Foundation

    From the President

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  • PE—MA2017

    Study Day: Looking at the Big Picture

    From the President-Elect

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  • ED-MA2017

    Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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  • TR—MA2017

    Treasurer’s Report for the First Five Months of FY2016–17

    Treasurer’s Report

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  • GS—MA2017

    Morphing into the Promised Land


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  • EL—MA2017

    Is Twitter Stupid?

    Entrepreneurial Linguist

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Bonus Features

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