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In this issue: Reflecting on a journey of discovery; Professional development your way; Meet ATA’s School Outreach contest winner; Speaking with OmegaT’s project manager; How to fail an ATA certification exam

  • PR_ND2017

    Reflecting on a Journey of Discovery

    From the President

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  • ED_ND2017

    Professional Development Your Way

    From the Executive Director

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  • Thierry Fontenelle

    Interview with Thierry Fontenelle

    Our World of Words

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  • image of Didier Briel

    Speaking with OmegaT’s Project Manager

    Resource Review

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  • EL_ND2017

    Attending Industry-Specific Conferences and Events

    Entrepreneurial Linguist

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  • GS_ND2017

    DeepL Questions


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Bonus Features

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