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Ethics Requirement: Online Course

Welcome to the online ethics component of the continuing education requirement or the Certification Program's continuing education requirement. This section consists of four parts:

  1. What is the American Translators Association Code of Ethics and Professional Practice,

  2. Take the self-evaluation questionnaire for translators,

  3. Take the self-evaluation questionnaire for interpreters, and

  4. Sign the statement verifying your completion of this activity.

This exercise is self-directed and can be printed out in full or completed online. All certified members are expected to complete the applicable portions and retain a copy of the signed statement to be submitted to ATA Headquarters along with the Continuing Education Record at the end of the first three-year reporting period. Members who will be 60 years of age by the time of the first reporting period do not have to earn continuing education points and may disregard this exercise.

Everyone should complete part 1, the American Translators Association Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Members who work as both a translator and an interpreter would then complete parts 2 and 3. Members who work in only one of the two areas would complete only the part that applies to them. Everyone should print out the signed verification form and retain it along with the documentation of earned CE points. Do not submit the rest of this presentation—only the signed verification form at the same time Headquarters asks for your Continuing Education Record.

This activity only needs to be completed once. There will also be opportunities to attend live presentations at the ATA annual conferences, which satisfy this Certification Program requirement as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the Certification Program Manager.