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Are You Ready?

Before you decide >>

The ATA certification exam is challenging. The current overall pass rate is below 20%. But it's also an invaluable, long-term investment in yourself and your career.

What to know >>

The exam is about more than proficiency. Before you sign up to take the test, learn about the skills being tested, the grading process, and the pass-fail only results.

Am I ready >>

Read tips on how you can prepare for the ATA exam.

Practice test >>

Taking the ATA exam practice test is optional, but strongly encouraged. It's an excellent way to measure your readiness for the exam.

Taking the Exam

What to expect >>

This is a three-hour, proctored, open book exam. Two out of three passages, 225 to 275 words each, must be translated.

Registration >>

You may register for the exam once your eligibility has been confirmed. The application and fee must be received by ATA at least two weeks prior to the exam date

Testing sites >>

Exam sites are chosen by ATA chapters, local groups, and other sponsors. Some exam sittings close registration early because of limited seating.

Reference materials

You may bring and use printed reference materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, printouts, and note cards. Candidates may not share resources.

Process and Procedure

Pass or fail

Your exam result will be either pass or fail. There is no grade, and the exam will not be returned to you.

Grading procedure >>

The procedure for processing the exams and performing the evaluations assures anonymity, objectivity, and consistently applied error marking.

Standard for passing >>

The ATA standard for passing the certification exam is a level of obvious competence with some room for growth—roughly equivalent to a Level 3 on the Interagency Language Roundtable scale.

Request for review >>

Many translators find it difficult to believe they failed the exam. You have six months from the notification date to request an exam review by a third grader.