Continuing Education Administrative Policies

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Continuing Education

Administrative Policies


Continuing Education requirements took effect January 1, 2004.

Individuals have three years from the date of notification of passing the exam to fulfill the continuing education requirements.

No one will be grandfathered into the program.

In order to retain their certification, all certified members must fulfill the continuing education requirements except for those who are exempt by age or extenuating circumstance.

Age Cap

Members 60 years of age or older in the year of their renewal do not need to fulfill the reinstatement process. However, if the member has let his/her certification lapse prior to turning 60 then reapplies upon turning 60 or older, the individual must meet the certification education requirements to be reinstated.

Extenuating Circumstances

Headquarters has the authority to extend the deadline for accruing continuing education points, upon request, for up to one year based upon extenuating circumstances such as long-term illness, undue hardship, called up for military duty, etc. Additional one-year exceptions may be granted, if required. Any points earned during such extension shall not count toward the next renewal period.

Continuing Education Record

Each certified member must complete the ATA Continuing Education Record and submit it to ATA Headquarters by the appropriate deadline. If audited, the member must supply supporting documentation.


ATA Headquarters will notify certified members prior to the deadline for submitting their completed CE Record. Three months after their deadline, headquarters will send a notice to certified members who have not submitted their paperwork, reminding them of the consequences and how to remedy the situation.

ATA Membership

Certification lapses if ATA membership is not renewed.

If a member's certification lapses, the member still retains his/her voting membership rights and benefits.


A member will be decertified if the appropriate continuing education requirements have not been fulfilled by the deadline or extended deadline, as appropriate.

ATA will remove any certifications from decertified members' listings or profiles in the ATA online directories.

No public lists of decertified members will be kept. However, if asked about a particular member, ATA Headquarters will not state the member was decertified, but will state that the member is not certified.


If three years or less have lapsed since the individual was an ATA member, the individual must pay the current dues and, if scheduled, submit his/her Continuing Education Record to be reinstated as a certified member.

If your points are expired more than three years, you will lose your certification and will need to pass the certification exam again if you wish to be ATA certified.


Amendments and revisions to these policies can be made as approved by the ATA Board of Directors.

January 2006