ATA 2017 Elections: Candidate Statements

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ATA 2017 Elections: Candidate Statements

ATA will hold its regularly scheduled election at the 2017 ATA Annual Conference in Washington, DC, to elect a president-elect, secretary, treasurer, and three directors.

Meet the Candidates

Become an informed voter! Statements from this year's candidates are now available online. Take time to learn more about the individuals on the slate—from background to experience to what they hope to accomplish as a member of the ATA Board. And be sure to vote!

President-elect (two-year term)
Secretary (one position, two-year term)
Treasurer (two-year term)
Director (three positions, three-year terms)

ATA Governance

Become an ATA Voting Member!

Every election is an important opportunity for members to use their vote to help shape the future of the Association. The qualification process, called Active Membership Review, is free and online. Do it now!

Thank you for being an ATA member and for your active commitment to the future of your association.