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-Learn how this app can help you market your services to future clients and employers, while connecting you to attendees like never before!

From the home screen of the app, just click the MyProfile icon and follow the instructions below to take advantage of this powerful networking tool!
How to set up your MyProfile
-The information you enter here will appear in the Attendees section of the app.
1) Click Edit to do the following:
• Enter your contact information
• Upload your photo
• Enter your Twitter handle
2) New this year: In the Website field, ATA has entered a link to your ATA Directory listing (if applicable). Attendees can simply click to visit your listing. If you have your own website, you may change this field at any time.
3) Each field can be set to Public (to share with all attendees) or Private (to share with only the attendees you add to your MyContacts list).
4) Use the Matchmaking feature to select your languages and the Upload Résumé option to put your résumé in the hands of every attendee. (details below)
5) Click Save when you're done!
How to use Matchmaking
-The Matchmaking feature allows attendees to find a "Match" to their needs! Make sure you select your Matchmaking criteria so attendees can find you!
-When editing your MyProfile, select all the languages under the services you provide. For example, if you are a French and German Translator, you would do the following:
-1) Click the menu under Translator
2) Click to select French and German
3) Click Done
-If you are also an Interpreter or own/manage a Company, you may repeat the instructions above using the menu under Interpreter and Company.

How to upload your Résumé
-First, get your résumé ready by doing the following:
-1) Save your résumé in PDF format
2) When naming your file, do NOT use spaces or diacriticals
-Now that your résumé is ready, follow these steps:
-1) Using your laptop/desktop computer, CLICK HERE
2) Click on the MyProfile icon, then click Edit
3) Under the Upload Résumé header, click Choose File
4) Click Save
How to find a Match
-If you're looking for a translator or interpreter, you can use the Matchmaking feature to find a match to your needs!

From the Attendees section, click Match to view the Matchmaking selections. You may choose Interpreter, Translator, or Company, and then select the language you need.

For example, the image on the left shows the results from searching for Interpreter and French. All the attendees that now appear match the search criteria and they can be clicked on to view their contact information or résumé.

To view the entire attendees list again, click the X to clear the search criteria.

How to get Technical Assistance
-Using this app, click the Help icon, and then select Contact App Developer to submit a support ticket. TripBuilder will reply promptly.
-If you are unable to open the app, please email TripBuilder at support@tripbuildermedia.com.



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