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Column Highlights

In this issue: Call for Nominations; Annual Treasurer’s Report; ATA at SLAM! 2018; Wondrous Things at the ATA59 Dictionary Exchange; I’m a Translator, Not a Machine; Quintessential Apps for Mac Users; and more

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    Call for Nominations: ATA Officers and Directors

    Call for Nominations

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  • CH2

    Annual Treasurer’s Report for 2017–2018

    Treasurer’s Report

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    ATA at SLAM! 2018

    Outreach Report

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    Wondrous Things at the ATA59 Dictionary Exchange


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    I’m a Translator, NOT a Machine: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to a Client

    Business Practices

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    Quintessential Apps for Mac Users

    Resource Review

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    ATA Position Paper on MT

    Media outlets often hype machine translation as the solution to whatever needs to be translated. The negative impact on human translation services is undeniable. ATA’s position paper offers both consumers and translators alike a comprehensive view of the issues and ATA’s stance on the use of machine translation.

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    Register for the ATA Law Seminar!

    Set yourself up to succeed! Register now to attend this full day of intermediate-to-advanced workshops presented by industry experts in legal translation and interpreting.

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    Applications Open for ATA Mentoring Program

    Need to move your business forward? Have questions about technology, management, or clients? ATA’s Mentoring Program may be just what you need.

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Bonus Features

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      ATA60 Call for Speakers

      ATA’s 60th Annual Conference will bring together translators, interpreters, educators, language services companies, and project managers. Making a presentation to such a diverse audience is an excellent strategy to gain recognition as a leader and expert in your field!

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    • j043312344

      Humor and Translation: Translation and Empire

      The subject of diplomatic language has come up several times in this column, including the fact that accurate translation or interpreting is often not wanted.

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      Member News

      Celebrating the accomplishments of our members!

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