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In this issue: Looking Ahead to ATA59; NOLA-Bound: ATA59; 10 Reasons to Attend ATA59; Talking Language to “Word People” at the ACES; and When Should We Apply Extra Charges to Translation Projects?

  • Looking Ahead to ATA59

    From the President

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  • NOLA-Bound: ATA59

    From the President-Elect

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  • 10 Reasons to Attend ATA59

    From the Executive Director

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  • Talking Language to “Word People” at the ACES: Society for Editing

    Outreach Report 2

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  • When Should We Apply Extra Charges to Translation Projects?

    Business Practices

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  • Translation Commons: A Community for Language Professionals

    Resource Review

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Bonus Features

    • Hum 2018 07-08 Three Bogatyrs

      Humor and Translation: Sneewittchen and Мёртвая Царевна

      The same basic folk material can be reconfigured in many ways, depending on the culture doing the reconfiguring. Consider the two stories “Sneewittchen” / “Snow White” and “Сказка о мёртвой царевне и о семи богатырях” / “The Tale of the Dead Princess and the Seven Heroes.”

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    • cover170x170

      ATA Podcast Episode 23: Halftime Report 2018

      Listen in and learn more about the people on this year’s ballot! In these mini-podcasts, each candidate answers three questions about the future of the Association and their role in it.

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    • translate

      ATA Client Education through Public Relations

      For buyers of translation and interpreting services, it’s hard to know where to begin and what questions to ask. ATA’s Public Relations Committee is educating potential clients about why it’s important to hire skilled professionals.

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