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Column Highlights

In this issue: November ATA Board meeting highlights; Knotty Translations column; Interview with Freek Lankhof; Web design tools for small businesses; MS Word tips and tricks

  • RumseySO2016

    Sailing into 2017

    From the President

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  • DC

    Onward, to ATA58!

    From the President-Elect

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  • Board-Meeting

    Board Meeting Highlights

    From the Executive Director

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  • Interpreters-2016-Conference-

    ATA at the California Federation of Interpreters 2016 Conference

    Our World of Words

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  • Web-Design-Tools

    6 Handy Web Design Tools for Small Businesses

    Business Practices

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  • Ferdinand-Magellan

    The Man Who Beat Magellan in the Race Around the Globe

    Interpreters Forum

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Bonus Features

    • anderson

      Humor and Translation

      “… to learn a language is not simply to learn a linguistic means of communication. It is also to learn the way of thinking and feeling of a people who speak and write a language which is different from ours.” — Benedict Anderson

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    • images

      A Translator’s Review of the Box-Office Smash Arrival

      Division newsletters and websites offer an array of language- and specialty-specific content. Here is a review of the movie Arrival, originally published in À Propos, the newsletter of ATA’s French Language Division.

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    • Unknown

      ATA Mentoring Program Enrollment Open

      Need to move your business forward? Have questions about technology, management, or clients? Check out the ATA Mentoring Program.

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