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Upcoming Exam Sittings and Registration Form

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Candidate must be a member of ATA prior to the exam date. All sittings have a maximum capacity and admission is based on the order in which registrations are received at Headquarters.

Note for Computerized Exam: All sittings are handwritten unless otherwise stated. Paper copies of the exam will be available at all keyboarded exam sittings, if needed. If problems occur during a computerized exam, ATA will only reimburse the exam fee.

Name: ____________________________________ Member Number: ________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

I understand that ATA certification is for experienced translators to help them stand out among their peers. ATA Certification is not a gauge of basic language proficiency skills, and it is not a certification intended for beginners to the profession.

[REQUIRED] ______ please initial to agree.

Please select one group exam site from the list below.

  Exam Date Location Type
[  ] 06/10/2017 Miami, FL [SOLD OUT] handwritten
[  ] 06/22/2017 Mexico City, Mexico computerized
[  ] 07/22/2017 Kitchener, Ontario Canada computerized
[  ] 07/22/2017 Austin, TX [WAITING LIST] computerized
[  ] 08/05/2017 Novi, MI [WAITING LIST] computerized
[  ] 08/05/2017 Washington, DC handwritten
[  ] 08/26/2017 Houston, TX computerized
[  ] 09/22/2017 Madison, WI computerized
[  ] 09/23/2017 New York, NY handwritten

ATA generally has 30-40 exam sittings each year. Sittings are posted as soon as they are confirmed. Contact the chapter or group closest to you if you are interested in an exam.

Candidates can take only one exam per sitting.  Please select only one language combination per sitting:

[  ] Arabic into English



[  ] English into Chinese

[  ] Croatian into English

[  ] English into Croatian

      Danish into English [currently not available]


[  ] Dutch into English

[  ] English into Dutch


[  ] English into Finnish

[  ] French into English

[  ] English into French

[  ] German into English

[  ] English into German


[  ] English into Hungarian

[  ] Italian into English

[  ] English into Italian

[  ] Japanese into English

[  ] English into Japanese

[  ] Polish into English

[  ] English into Polish

[  ] Portuguese into English

[  ] English into Portuguese

[  ] Russian into English

[  ] English into Russian

[  ] Spanish into English

[  ] English into Spanish

[  ] Swedish into English [  ] English into Swedish
[  ] Ukrainian into English [  ] English into Ukrainian

Please include payment of $300 per exam with a copy of this form to: American Translators Association, 225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590, Alexandria, VA 22314. Telephone (703)683-6100 * Fax (703)683-6122.

ATA Certification Exam Policy

Candidates are informed only of whether they have passed or failed the exam. Exams are not returned and are the property of the ATA Certification Committee, which will not discuss them with anyone.

Each exam is evaluated according to ATA certification standards by two or more graders under the auspices of the Certification Committee. Given the nature of translation and of translation quality assessment, a candidate may disagree with certain grading decisions. In electing to sit for this exam, the candidate agrees to accept the outcome of the grading procedure, including the review procedure, if any.

Candidates are not to discuss or reveal the contents of the examination. A breach of confidentiality may be grounds for loss of certification.

If a candidate does not return all original exam passages at the end of the exam sitting, the exam will not be graded. The candidate will forfeit the exam fee and will not be eligible to sit for another exam until the following exam year.

A candidate who fails the exam may apply for Certification review within six months from the date of notice of exam results.  Reviews are conducted after the exam year has ended.  If the grade of fail is upheld, the candidate will receive a graded copy or partial copy of the examination.  An appeal process is in place.

Upon passage of the Certification exam, Associate members will automatically be upgraded to voting membership.

I understand the above and agree to abide by the ATA Certification Exam policy.

Signature: __________________________________________Date: ________________

Registration form must be signed by the candidate.

2017 Certification Program Policy

Membership Requirement

Candidates must have been members of ATA for at least four weeks prior to the exam date.

At the Exam Sitting

Candidates must present a valid photo ID to the proctor before taking the exam.

Bring a few pens or pencils as we only provide the paper on which you do your work.  Remember that your translation will be photocopied and must be legible.

No electronic devices such as laptops or electronic dictionaries are allowed, except during the computerized exam where laptops are permitted. All cellphones must be turned off and stowed away.

You may only use one device with one screen when taking the computerized exam.

The exam is open book.  You may bring and use printed reference materials such as dictionaries, thesauruses, printouts, and notecards. Candidates may not share resources.

You should arrive at the exam site thirty minutes before the exam begins.  You should review exam instructions emailed to you before the exam. If you are taking the computerized exam, you must know how to use the appropriate software and turn off spell and grammar checks before the exam. The exam will not be graded and the exam fee will be forfeited unless all original exam passages are returned in the exam packet at the end.

Only one exam may be taken per sitting. Allow 12-16 weeks for exam results.

Registration Fee

A completed registration form, along with payment of $300, must be received by ATA Headquarters at least two weeks before the test is administered. All exams have a limited seating capacity.  Late registrations, if accepted, are subject to an additional late fee of $45 if Headquarters determines that the candidate meets our eligibility requirements, that space is available, and that exams can be delivered in time.

Refund Policy or Switch in Exam Date

No refunds will be made unless ATA Headquarters receives written notification of the candidate's withdrawal and request for refund prior to the exam date. All requests for refunds or change of site are subject to a $25 administrative fee. Requests should be sent to the Certification Program Manager.

Review Procedure

Candidates who fail the exam may apply for certification review by completing a review request form and paying the fee of $250 per passage. If the grade of "fail" is upheld, the candidate will receive a graded copy or partial copy of the examination. The fee is refunded if the grade of "fail" is overturned. Reviews are conducted after the close of the examination year, which is the same as the calendar year. Candidates have six months from the date of notice of exam results to apply for a review. Further details on the review procedure may be obtained through ATA Headquarters and from the Web site.

If you have any questions, please email Certification Program Manager.

Additional Information

1. What is your A (native or strongest) language?

2. What is (are) your B/C language(s) (non-native languages into or out of which you are competent to translate or interpret)?

3. Have you taken one or more ATA practice test(s)?
Yes No

4. If you answered “No” to question 3, please indicate your reason(s) for not taking a practice test:
The practice test was too expensive
I was too busy
I would not have gotten the results of the practice test before the date of my exam sitting
I did not know about the practice test
I was confident that I didn’t need practice

Exam registration fee is : $300 per exam. Late exam registration fee is $345 per exam
Check/Money Order: Please make payable, through a US bank in US funds, to American Translators Association
Credit Card: Charge my American Express VISA MasterCard Discover
Card No ___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/___/
Expiration Date: Verification code:
Signature: Name on Card:

Mail exam registration form to:

American Translators Association
225 Reinekers Lane, Suite 590
Alexandria, Virginia 22314 USA

Fax exam registration form to: