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How Are ATA Exam Sites Chosen?

Exam sittings are held in cities around the US and some sites outside the US.  Within the US, exam sittings are generally organized and proctored by our local chapters and other groups and sponsors.   Organizing groups are asked to notify headquarters at least 3-4 months in advance and sittings are then posted on our web site.

New dates for sittings are chosen and posted throughout the exam year.

Some sites are the home sites of ATA Chapters, some are the location of division meetings or ATA seminars, and some are chosen by certified members who volunteer to organize and proctor a sitting. 

It is important to note that the dates and sites are not chosen by Headquarters, but by the organizers. 

ATA policy is that an exam sitting must be proctored by a certified ATA member in good standing.  Please contact the certification program manager at ATA Headquarters if you wish to organize an exam sitting.

Since you may not see a site close to you listed on the current exam schedule, we have listed past exam sites below for general information about locations. There is no guarantee that any of these sites will host an exam sitting in 2017

For more information, contact ATA Headquarters or the ATA chapter nearest you.



Outside the USA

alphabetical by state

alphabetical by country

Los Angeles, CA Buenos Aires, Argentina
San Diego, CA Sao Paulo, Brazil
San Francisco, CA Bogota, Colombia
Boulder, CO Naples, Italy
Denver, CO Guadalajara, Mexico
Washington, DC Utrecht, The Netherlands
Miami, FL Managua, Nicaragua
Atlanta, GA San Juan, Puerto Rico
Chicago, IL Madrid, Spain
Boston, MA Montevideo, Uruguay
Kalamazoo, MI
Novi, MI
Albuquerque, NM
New York, NY  
Raleigh, NC  
Brecksville, OH  
Pittsburgh, PA  
Austin, TX  
El Paso, TX  
Houston, TX  
Irving, TX  
Salt Lake City, UT  
Seattle, WA  
Milwaukee, WI